Best Brake Pads for Silverado 1500 | Halt Your Ride Smooth and Quiet

When it’s about brake components, one must not even think of compromisation. If the concern involves the brake pads, then it’s all the more so. For your Silverado 1500, a good set of brake pads plays a vital role in maximizing the braking quality as well as self-contentment.

And so, replacing the stock brake pads with an aftermarket one requires some inspection and evaluation. Otherwise, you’ll certainly be in hot water. As a heavy-duty vehicle, the best brake pads for Silverado 1500 are required that can tolerate excessive braking and drives.

In this article, we’re gonna deal with some prominent brake pads where you will have ample alternatives to choose from.

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Best Brake Pads for Silverado 1500 for You

There are several brake pad products in the market. Some come as a complete kit while some are sold as aftermarket products. This depends on what type of brake pads you need for your Silverado 1500.

Best Brake Pads for Silverado 1500

1. Power Stop K2069-36 Z36

Powerstop K2069-36 brake kit comes with one of the best brake pads you can find in the market. Whether your purpose involves towing or heavy-duty vehicles, these brake pads from Powerstop will not let you down. Apart from the brake pads, you get a complete set with rotors and hardware. You rarely find a sublime package such as this in the market.

While driving through mountainous terrain or hauling extra weight with your Silverado 1500, it needs no telling that your brake system needs to be in top shape. Without Powerstop brake pads, it’s quite impossible. Once the brake is applied, the wonderful clamp they generate on the rotors is truly one of a kind.

The reason why these brake pads can handle such heavy loads lies in their manufacturing process. These brake pads are made of carbon-fiber ceramic materials that separate them from ordinary brake pads. As a result, the strength of the brake reaches an extraordinary level and you derive the pleasure of a smooth and strong stop.

Another notable aspect is that the shims of these brake pads are made of stainless steel. If you’re experienced, you’d know that stainless steel provides excellent strength and durability along with a top-notch heat dissipation rate. So you can guess your brake system will operate at a favorable temperature all the time.


  • The pads warp under continuous use at a stretch.

2. Wagner QuickStop ZD1363 Ceramic Disc Pad Set

Another option for your Silverado 1500 is the Wagner QuickStop ZD1363 brake pads. If your old brake pads are rusted and you feel like it’s high time you changed them, then opting for these sublime brake pads would be a wise choice. We say this because your brake system will be as good as new once you opt to install these pads.

The brake pads are designed to fit original equipment standards. This enables the brake pads to provide more consistency. You’ll be able to produce smooth braking performance while maintaining your cool.

Moreover, these brake pads are formulated using application-specific materials. Whatever your Silverado’s needs are, these pads will convincingly meet them while ensuring extreme performance.

If you’re allergic to dust or think of cleaning as troublesome, then Powerstop brake pads are for you. The low dust formulation of these pads will inevitably prevent dust from accumulating while concealing the cheeky noises to ensure a quiet and smooth brake performance.

You also get top-notch hardware made of stainless steel and OE-style lubricant with the package. Therefore, if you’re looking for a set of brake pads that are subtly engineered for long-term service, then you should pick Wagner QS brake pads.


  • Not the quietest of brake pads.
  • Not recommended for extreme driving conditions.

3. ACDelco 17D1707CH Professional Ceramic Rear Disc Brake Pad Set

ACDelco offers you exceptional brake pads that are the true portrayal of professionalism and dedication. They are a great choice for your Silverado 1500 given the stern build and powerful stops. If you’re looking for a brand with years of experience, quality, and innovation, then ACDelco brake pads are a must for you.

As a Silverado 1500 owner, you’d want your brake pads to fit original equipment standards. ACDelco brake pads are engineered with strict original equipment tolerances. Therefore you have no reason to worry about this.

ACDelco provides excellent aftermarket service considering the other contemporary brake pads. The enhanced performance offered while being cheap is something that you can take advantage of at any time.

The brake pads have gone through many tests to determine their overall quality. Along with the SAE effectiveness test, the pads have undergone the NVH test and durability test as well. So it’s very unlikely that you’ll not be content with the quality of these brake pads.

An interesting feature these pads have is the stamped backing plate. This plate enables accurate pad movement while in the caliper assembly and addresses the issues of noise, pulsation, and premature wear. They are integrally molded so that you ensure bond integrity and superior frictional power.


  • This product comes with only pads and shims.

4. Bosch BC1363 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

Bosch BC1363 QuietCast brake pads can be another option for you to choose from. With their reasonable pricing, the quality and integrity these pads deliver are top-notch. Therefore, gearing up your Silverado 1500 with these pads would be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Bosch brake pads are manufactured utilizing high-quality rubberized shim. Their multilayered design provides superior stopping power and durability. This will also enable you to operate with minimal noise. If you’re looking for a quieter solution to your Silverado 1500’s brake system, then QuietCast is your thing.

These brake pads utilize a ceramic friction formula that’s well-developed. They add no additional bulk to your overall brake system. Manufacturing involves aerospace alloy which gives you a lighter product. As a result, the pads become much easier to handle and install.

This model from Bosch QuietCast utilizes premium materials that convincingly increase the brake power. The performance you’ll experience is unlike anything you’ll have ever come across. As a replacement, these pads will certainly be delivered for your Silverado 1500.

An important feature is a chemical formula that is used on the surface of the rotor and pads forming a protective layer. Thus, longevity is ensured. Not to mention, these OE-fit brake pads are installable right out of the box with no requirement of extra work.


  • Installation takes a bit of extra work.

5. ACDelco 17D1367ACH Professional Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad Set

ACDelco presents you with another option for your Silverado 1500’s brake system. Aside from the ergonomic design, this model of brake pads does a superb job of improving the brake quality and service. They give you peace of mind with the sparks of professionalism ingrained.

ACDelco holds its reputation for top-quality brake products with its brake pads. These aftermarket brake pads are great for when you need to replace your faulty pads. The performance boost these pads give is worth a shot.

The pads are manufactured using three different formulas that are ceramic, semi-ceramic, and organic. This unique aspect allows them to be compatible with a variety of vehicle models. Moreover, several rigorous tests these pads have undergone render them noise-proof and wear-resistant.

To tackle noise more effectively, these pads have premium slots, shims, and chamfers. With these pads, you’ll never worry about braking harshness, vibration, and noise a second time. Also, the stamped backing plate enables proper pad movement and keeps the wear and pulsation rate to a minimum.

As for the strength, it’s unlike the other ordinary brake pads. The friction material is molded to the backing plate which allows for superior bond integrity and power. If you’re looking for a set of brake pads that is the best value for money, then this model from ACDelco is what you need.


  • No additional component or hardware is included.

6. Autospecialty KOE2067 1-Click OE Replacement Brake Kit

Power Stop brings you another one of their well-engineered brake pads that comes as a complete package. If you’re looking for a brake kit with top-notch brake pads to replace your stock brake components, then this kit is the most efficient and affordable solution for you.

Inside the kit, you’ll find brake pads that are made using carbon fiber ceramic formula. Along with the strength and smooth stops they offer, the precision and quality of the product will enable you a hassle-free operation with your Silverado 1500.

The ceramic brake pads are convincingly durable and can easily withstand extreme driving conditions. They’re quick to dissipate heat as well, enabling you to drive without worrying about overheating or premature wearing.

Moreover, these Z17 Evolution Plus brake pads feature a friction formula that is devoid of dust. Ordinary brake pads are often exposed to embarrassing noise and wicked vibrations. But with these brake pads mounted to the Silverado 1500, you can operate smoothly and silently.

Another reassuring fact is that the brake pads are subtly designed to fit your OE-specified brakes. Installation is just as easy as the kit includes the hardware that is required. Overall, the brake pads Power Stop Autospeciality kit is an affordable and reliable stock replacement you can find.


  • No significant limitations were found.

7. Bosch BC1194 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Bosch brings you another one of their fine model of brake pads which is BC1194 QualityCast ceramic brake pads. The pads are well-engineered and developed with the highest quality available. As a Silverado 1500 owner, you’ll fancy having these sublime brake pads mounted to your brake system.

The fact that these brake pads are manufactured from an advanced ceramic formula enhances the braking performance with the help of aggravated frictional force. The ceramic-based formula is completely devoid of copper and made of aluminum alloy. So you can easily guess that BC1194 brake pads are more compact compared to the other contemporary brake pad products.

Squeaky noises while braking are very annoying. Palpably, you wouldn’t want any such issue with your Silverado 1500. Bosch BC1194 QC pads address this issue with multilayered shim. The shims are rubberized and OE-designed. So you can imagine the resistance against noises increases severalfold.

Bosch 1194 is the true definition of sublimity as the designing involves a unique protective layer. Even in extreme driving conditions, the rotors can’t do much damage to the pads thanks to the layer. As a result, the lifespan of your pads and rotors, both increase.

The brake pads come as complete as installation hardware and lubricant are included. Moreover, the slots and chamfers are provided for an exact and quality fit that ultimately enhances the overall performance.


  • No clips included, thus installation becomes tricky.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Brake Pads for Silverado 1500 Review

Q: What is the average lifespan of brake pads?

Ans: Typically brake pads last 50,000 miles or 3 years on average. But the estimation changes with your driving style and conditions. If you need to break a lot or cruise through bumpy tracks, the pads will wear out in about 25,000 miles. They can last up to 70,000 miles given you don’t need to brake much.

Ans: What are the symptoms of bad brake pads?

Ans: Bad and old brake pads produce screeching noises and vibrations when you hit your brake pedal. You’ll also hear deep metallic growling and grinding noises. When replacing brake pads, it’s recommended to replace rotors as well.

Q: Are ceramic brake pads better than the semi-metallic ones?

Ans: Ceramic brake pads are quieter and they accumulate less dust compared to semi-metallic ones. But generally, they are the most expensive and wear faster.


While buying the best brake pads for the Silverado 1500, make sure you have your requirements covered. If you’re planning to tow or haul, you should choose the best brake pads capable of handling that. Otherwise, for your day-to-day normal drive, you can opt for the pads that are the best fit for that particular purpose.

From our perspective, Powerstop K2069-36 Z36 brake pads are perfect for you in case you’re planning to drive under extreme conditions such as towing or hauling. If you’re only looking to replace the pads, ACDelco 17D1707CH Professional Ceramic Brake Pads can be a great choice as they’re sold as an aftermarket product.

On the other hand, Bosch BC1363 QC Ceramic Brake Pads can be regarded as the best value for money owing to their performance and reliability. These are quick suggestions to save yourself from trouble and unnecessary costs.

Either way, whatever brake pads you choose, make sure you inspect your brake system once a year. If you deem it necessary, replace the rotors and other components along with the brake pads. We say this because putting this issue on the back burner will only cost you.

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