Top 7 Best Ceramic Brake Pads Reviews in 2023

Having a well-functioning brake pad in your car is essential to the driving experience. You need to be responsible for your actions when you are driving on a busy street, as failure to do so may lead to fatal accidents. And part of being responsible is making sure all your car components are working properly.

Brake pads, despite their longevity, may often fall victim to wearing and not working as time passes. So, you need to check under the hood from time to time to see if everything is in order. Having the best ceramic brake pad in your car can, however, get rid of your worry to a large extent.

Ceramic brake pads are great options for when you are mostly driving in the city or on a freeway. You are less likely to face bumpy roads, which will ensure that your brakes keep functioning for a long while. However, there will come a time eventually when you do need a replacement.

But where to go when that time comes? Do not worry because we are here to help you with this problem. To ensure that your vehicle keeps functioning in the best possible state, here is a review of the best ceramic brake pads that you can buy.

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Top 7 Best Ceramic Brake Pads

To help you find the best deals on the market, here is our breakdown of the seven best ceramic brake pads that you can buy today. We have gone through extensive research to bring you the best products at every price range so that you do not have to take on the hassle yourself.

best ceramic brake pads review

1. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1083 Ceramic Disc Pad

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Any vehicle, whether it’s car, truck, or even a bicycle, without a proper braking system, the risks are too high to ignore. A balanced break can ensure the safety of your vehicle, and more importantly, you!

For those who cherish their safety over a little expense, you can choose the Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1083. This product can ensure adequate security of your vehicle because it has many unique features that make them a dependable set of brake pads.

For starters, it is 35% quieter than other brakes, which is a remarkable quality. The product size is well-balanced as it perfectly slides into the sockets.

Moreover, as it made of ceramic, the dust it produces is light-colored. Thus, it is less noticeable and does not stick to the wheels. No debris means a cleaner car exterior, a benefit all vehicle owners crave to have.

Your vehicle needs a stopping mechanism that offers smooth, calm braking capacities under a wide scope of temperature and street conditions. And you would be happy to know that this brake pad also has 15% more stopping power than other products.

Moreover, you neither have to worry about cleaning the brake dust nor excessive sound if you use this brake pad because it creates minimal noise and dust. As it has massive stopping power with less noise, so it is an incredibly balanced product. Your vehicle will have incredible stopping power as it should after you install this brake pad.

Highlighted Features

  • The installation procedure is straightforward and effortless
  • Low dust production ensures cleaner wheels and car exterior
  • Top-tier material construction ensures the longevity of the product
  • It is lightweight

2. Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

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The slowing mechanism in your vehicle is maybe its single most significant safety system. Without brakes, a car is left depending on time and friction to slow its forward energy. So, a brake is essential, and only the irresponsible user would go out on the road with a low-quality breaking mechanism.

An excellent product for the responsible car owner is the Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium. It has several handy features that you will find necessary for maximum safety measures.

Firstly, this product features rubber, and you are guaranteed sturdiness and longevity due to its core multilayer shim. Also, these brake pads are very quiet, making almost no additional sound when the brakes are applied.

Bosch’s extraordinary technology and engineering go into making these products. Therefore, they are of premium quality and offer incredible service during their lifespan. Moreover, these brake pads are durable because they have a protective transfer layer that extends the pad and rotor life.

This product has the necessary features that can meet up all the demand that you want in your brake pad. Moreover, as it is a ceramic brake pad, it produces less dust and noise despite any long journey or any tremendous pressure. So, you can comfortably opt for one of the best brands in the market.

Highlighted Features

  • This brake pad is 100% copper-free
  • Core Multilayer Shim
  • Unique engineering and innovative technology go into the creation
  • Minimal noise and dust production

3. Power Stop Z26-1405 Z26 Extreme Performance Carbon-Ceramic Brake Pad

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While driving, you need brakes that you can depend on and which won’t warp or wear out when exposed to high temperatures over a long period. Power Stop extreme brake pads are mainly for those who want quicker and shorter stops under any situation.

For that reason, you can select the Power Stop Z26-1405 Z26 for your vehicle. This brake pad has many properties, and for which, it is an optimum choice for veterans and beginners alike.

A brake usually converts kinetic energy into heat. Thus, overheating can be an issue if the energy is not split accordingly. However, this brake pad performs this work perfectly because the Z26 carbon fiber (new formulation) brake pad has up to 1500 degrees of fade resistance.

This product is perfect for high horsepower cars that are mainly used in competition and big wheel upgrades. It produces minimal dust, and operation is quiet. The brake pad creates a cloud of fine white dust and does not gather black dust on the wheel. So, it keeps your wheel clean and noise-free.

Moreover, this pad has outstanding thermal stability. As thermal conductivity and thermal stability are essential for adequate friction. So, if you are looking for an excellent addition to your vehicle, you can opt for this pad.

Highlighted Features

  • This product creates little to no dust
  • It has excellent stopping power
  • This item gives noise-free braking
  • It has a high thermal conductivity

4. Bosch BC1114 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

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Safety should be your first concern. If you are looking for brake pads that have fantastic stopping power, you have to rely on Bosch BC1114 QuietCast Premium. It is the company’s excellence in production that makes it highly recommendable.

One of its amazing features is its OE shim technology. The arrangement of layers and its perfect construction make the product unique. With the rubber core between the two layers of steel, it shows its remarkable quality of instant stopping. Therefore, it plays a significant role in preventing accidents.

Furthermore, it does not make much noise and allows one to drive peacefully. Undoubtedly, the enduring power and notable strength confirm its durability for an extended period. The advanced chemical formula that works between the rotor and the gadget marks its efficiency. However, it is too easy to install

Removing gas and dust from between the device and the rotor is a vital task. This task is significantly done by the slots that result in a dust-free performance.

The chamfers clean the sharpness between the pad and the disk to have a noiseless outcome. Moreover, the coating above it prevents corrosion and reduces heat formation. An addition is a lubricant that is essential for the desired operation.

Highlighted Features

  • The slots and chamfers enable the appliance to work noiselessly
  • Its durability is highly ensured and maintained
  • The coating stops rust formation and assures thermal protection
  • Its exceptional design confirms strong stopping

5. ACDelco 17D1707CH Professional Ceramic Rear Disc Brake Pad

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One of the essential parts of your vehicle that you cannot compromise with is a brake pad. If you desire the device to be superficially designed, then ACDelco 17D1707CH Professional is mostly satisfactory.

Its construction stages are so amazing that you will never shift your choice to other brands. The ceramic formula ensures safety as the brakes become comparatively stable than others.

You will feel safer as you can entirely rely on this formula and be confident in the efficiency of this device. Moreover, the organic one allows its usage on small cars, enabling you to use it on various transports.

Furthermore, the molded friction material results in a smooth brake. As the appliance has the same friction all over its surface, you will not feel a shake while using the brake. This fantastic feature also prevents its frequent and quick deterioration; therefore, you will not have to replace it for an extended time.

The presence of a slot means a way for dust and gas to escape from the space between the rotor and the tool. By sharpening the edges of the pad, the chamfer eliminates vibrating areas. The stamped backing plate reduces noise formation and deteriorates brake pulsation. Moreover, its configuration prevents early wear out.

Highlighted Features

  • You can completely rely on the safety of the product
  • The molded friction material reduces the harshness of the brake
  • Its unique design prevents early wear out
  • No noise is heard

6. Akebono ACT914 Brake Pad Kit

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Want to buy the most suitable part for your favorite carriage and protect yourself and your dear ones? Then, Akebono ACT914 Brake Pad Kit should be the first recommendation. As life depends on this small element, you have to be cautious of its particular features.

Your brake performance is considered as excellent when it stops noiselessly at the right time. As the chamfers sharpen the edge between the pad and the disk and regulate the contact between two surfaces, noise is reduced to the lowest level. The unique Pro-ACT ceramic formulations work effectively to eliminate noise, diminishing brake shrieking.

Moreover, the fantastic structure of this gadget ensures dust-free performance. It has ways to remove dust and gas from the device. However, you can smoothly apply the brake; it will not result in any jerking. Its ability to eliminate vibrating areas is outstanding. By having a robust shape and structure, its permanence is confirmed.

You will be amazed by the exceptional stopping power of the semi-metallic tool. This vital trait prevents sudden accidents and shows excellence while driving on a busy road. Due to the low-metallic construction, you can rely on the entire service. Heat gets transferred outside to keep the temperature down.

Highlighted Features

  • Accidents can be avoided as it has superior stopping power
  • There is a good thermal and vibration control
  • The low and semi-metallic appliance confirms your safety
  • A noiseless brake is produced

7. Hawk Performance HB193Z.670 Performance Ceramic Brake Pad

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Aren’t you tired of changing and reinstalling your brake pads, expecting the new one to be superior? You don’t have to waste time anymore, as engineers have given their best to innovate Hawk Performance HB193Z.670 Performance.

Its outstanding configuration of steel keeps it rust-proof for an extended period. You will be amazed by its strength and robustness, enduring regular pressure due to random usage; therefore, you do not have to worry about its quick destruction.

The amazing technology allows instant stopping, preventing accidents. You do not have to try hard to apply the brake. Noise is one of the most critical issues that is beautifully solved by this gadget. The chamfers reduce vibrating areas, and brake pulsation is highly deteriorated.

Its low-dust performance is maintained by the slots, which paves the way for the gas, and dust to escape. This feature results in an effective and long-lasting performance. Moreover, its special coating prohibits rust formation, which also confirms its permanence.

It generates less heat, and mush is transferred to prevent early damage, saving your expenses. Stability is given much attention, as safety is a crucial concern. This property is maintained by the ceramic formula; more so, it protects the disk.

Highlighted Features

  • The ceramic formula keeps your pads stable
  • Due to the sturdy steel body, it can bear maximum pressure
  • You will enjoy a noiseless ride
  • Its instant stopping power will keep you safe and sound

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Ceramic Brake Pads

After you are done looking at our list, you must be wondering how we picked the items that we did. Well, we considered a range of factors when making our selection.

In the following section of the article, we will talk about the things that you should consider when buying the best ceramic brake pads for your vehicle.

Why Go for Ceramic Brake Pads?

As you might already know, there are a few different types of brake pads that you can buy from the market. Yet, our entire article focuses on only Ceramic ones. What is it about this type of brake pads that make it so great? Well, there are a number of reasons why you should opt for a ceramic brake pad instead of a metallic one.

For one thing, ceramic brake pads are quiet. This feature makes them the perfect device to install inside your car that you will be using daily. It also keeps the wheels clean way more than you would get with a metallic pad.

Brake pads, when used, produce something known as brake dust that can settle on the wheels from time to time. Despite their great features, these units are relatively affordable. It also does not cost much more to get installed than any other type of brake pads.

When it comes to heat or cold tolerance, these units hold their own quite well. The stopping power, although not as strong as metallic ones, is good enough for your cars.

Metallic brake pads are better when it comes to heavy vehicles. But you will also notice how loud and dirty it gets with those types of automobiles.

With a ceramic brake pad, you do not have to face these issues and can still have decent driving experience. Add up all the factors put above; it is really not a wonder why you should opt for a ceramic brake pad in your car.


Before anything, you need to check if the device is compatible with your vehicle. The thing about car parts is that they can become obsolete very quickly. So, you need to be very careful before purchasing anything and make sure you are getting a unit that actually fits inside your car.

However, one great thing about ceramic brake pads is that they can be quite flexible. If you are not sure whether the product will work in your car, there are two approaches you can take.

One is to check in with the manufacturers and tell them your cars make, and model and the other is to do some research yourself. Whichever way you choose, make sure that the two devices are compatible.


The thickness of the brake pad directly dictates its durability. Your brake pad will naturally wear out with use and grow thinner as time passes. When it wears down so much that it can no longer squeeze the brake caliper, that is when it needs replacing. So, if you have the option, go for a thicker brake pad.

Investing in a thick ceramic pad means that you can be rougher on your pedal without worrying about damage. It is quite common for us to forget to be gentle when out on the road. Additionally, a thicker unit will cause lower vibrations, increasing your overall comfort while using it.

Easy to Install

One thing you need to be wary of when buying a brake pad is installation. Thankfully, installing a ceramic brake pad is quite easy. If you have the necessary tools to replace the unit, you can do it yourself. However, we do recommend going to a professional if you do not know what you are doing.

Some manufacturers even ship out their products with a kit to help you mount the device easily in your car. If you still want to try and take on the task yourself, it might be helpful to buy one of those bundles. They also often include an instruction manual that can come in handy.

Rotor Life

Getting a brake pad that is friendly to the rotor is of paramount importance if you want a good lifespan out of your braking system. Every time you hit the brakes; the pads squeeze the rotors forcing it to stop. This friction is what creates the vibration you feel when you hit the pedal.

You can find many brake pads that take this thing into consideration. These units are made in such a way that it causes minimal wearing on the car rotors. As a result, the durability of both the rotor and the brake pad increases considerably. Investing in a unit like this will save you a lot of money on repairs.

Noise Levels

Ceramic brake pads, in general, have a low noise floor thanks to the technology behind its construction. However, it might still be worthwhile going through the manufacturer specification to look for specific noise cancellation features to make sure that your unit is as quiet as possible.

Features such as quite or low noise technology are something to look for when going through the specs. Low noise does not only contribute to the sound but also means that your car will face less vibration, thereby enhancing your entire driving experience.

Advantages Of Ceramic Brake Pads Over Organic Brake Pads

Ceramic brake pads can be more reliable in a broader range of driving conditions and temperatures. With ceramic brake pads, there is often less dust and other particles left on the pads and on the rotors when compared with organic brake pads as they wear down.

You can break hard using ceramic brakes as they are able to handle high brake temperature along with less heat fade. This allows the pads to recover faster after stopping at a red light or stop sign or during an emergency situation.

Here are some other advantages of ceramic brake pads:

1. Reducing The Wear And Tear Residue

Ceramic brake pads kick up fewer particles and produce less dust when your vehicle is coming to a stop. This feature alone makes the ceramic ones better than the organic brake pads.

2. Dependable Under Any Driving Conditions

In a wide range of driving conditions and temperatures, ceramic brake pads are more reliable than organic pads. Whenever you drive, whether it is hot or cold outside, you don’t have to worry about the condition of your brake pads.

3. Less Noise

Squeaking or squealing brakes usually indicate ceramic brake pads are not installed in your car. It is very quiet when you press on the brakes, and there is almost no noise from ceramic brake pads.

Top Ceramic Brake Pad Brands

Here are some of the leading brands that make amazing brake pads.


The Wagner company was founded in 1935 by Wilhelm Wagner. The roots of this company are in the blacksmith trade. Wagner, a market leader in automotive lighting and braking, offers stylish, OEM-quality replacement lights and brakes that are up to date in technology to match OEM standards.

Wagner manufactures brakes for automotive, commercial, and medium-duty applications. By leveraging their engineering expertise and commitment to delivering superior brake performance, Wagner sets industry standards.

Depending upon the type of vehicle, age, driving habits, and conditions, Wagner brake pads are tailored to fit any compatible vehicle perfectly.

2. Bosch Auto Parts

The Bosch company was founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch. Originally intended to fix electrical equipment, it now contributes to the development of mobility. Bosch has become a world leader in powertrain technology and parts because of its innovative gasoline and diesel systems.

You can rely on Bosch auto parts if you want the best quality parts for your vehicle. It doesn’t matter whether it is extremely hot or cold temperatures, their parts are designed, engineered, and factory tested to guarantee years of reliable performance.

Among the world’s most admired motor-vehicle parts companies, Bosch was named the best by Fortune magazine.

3. Power Stop

Power Stop was founded in 1997 and specializes in supplying affordable performance brake upgrade kits to customers. Their kits are suitable for towing, commuting, sport driving, and even extreme trucking.

They have been providing vehicles and drivers with top-quality brake upgrades for over 20 years. It doesn’t matter if you drive a minivan, a pickup, or a sports car; you can rely on Power Stop’s brakes to stop your vehicle.

In addition to current-model year vehicles, 98 percent of the vehicles on the road can be upgraded, including everything from muscle cars to 60s trucks.

4. ACDelco

General Motors, the company’s parent organization, founded ACDelco in 1899. It is an American automotive parts manufacturer. ACDelco sells original factory parts manufactured by GM. Furthermore, the company offers aftermarket parts for automobiles other than GM models.

GM backs ACDelco’s maintenance and repair parts, ensuring that your vehicle and you will go the distance together. Even though ACDelco makes aftermarket parts, this brand is still backed by General Motors to ensure quality.

In fact, this is the only aftermarket parts maker in the US that is backed by GM. This means you can use their parts on other makes and models while getting the same quality as their OEM parts.

5. Akebono

Akebono was founded in January 1929 (during the dawn of motorization in Japan) as the first brake lining manufacturer in the country.

During its more than 85 years of history, the company has been through three major phases of transition and has become a leading brake manufacturer. There is something about Japanese technology that makes their parts worth installing. You already know how good Japanese cars are.

6. Hawk Performance

You have to know your brakes will work, no matter what, on the street, on the track, regardless of whether you’re driving to protect your lead or your family.

With a technology platform that is used in the military and aviation sector, Hawk Performance has provided superior performance since 1993. Designed and engineered in the United States, Hawk Performance brake pads offer exceptional performance and durability.

Other Types Of Brake Pads

Besides ceramic, there are other types of brake pads on the market.

1. Organic Brake Pads

The first type is the NAO (non-asbestos organic) brake pads, also known as organic brake pads. These are made using different fibers that are mixed with binding organic composites. This mixture allows the fibers to bond together.

Fiberglass, rubber, and fiber are some of the common materials used in the manufacturing process. Today, organic pads are still one of the most affordable products on the market. That is why they are still installed on many of the new cars that are still sold in the US.

2. Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

Approximately 30 to 65 percent of semi-metallic pads are made of metal, hence the name. They are also known as metallic brake pads. The components of the brake pads usually consist of copper, iron, steel, etc., along with friction-modifying agents, fillers, and lubricants.

They are probably the most versatile brake pad style. However, semi-metallic brake pads do suffer from an additional downside that is dust and noise. Additionally, they are more durable and longer lasting.

Furthermore, these brake pads are more efficient for brake cooling thanks to their metallic structure. This part helps to draw the heat from the rotor.


  • It should be noted that ceramic pads cannot prevent the warping of rotors. When car brakes are misused or overheated, they can warp.
  • It is impossible to prevent rotors from becoming warped completely. Some brake pads, however, are better at dissipating heat, which can help prevent warping.
  • There is, however, a limit to that. Avoid hard braking whenever possible when handling a vehicle’s brakes.
  • In the early stages, don’t overdo it with the ceramic brake pads, no matter if they are new or replacements.
  • During the first 100 miles, it is advisable not to brake harshly or stop quickly with ceramic brake pads.
  • For how long you should wait between brake pad replacements, each manufacturer may have a different recommendation on that.
  • Often, car owners are recommended to replace brake pads after they are worn down to 20% of their original thickness or after reaching 70,000 miles.

Changing Brake Pads

There are a few things to consider when it comes to determining the correct time for replacing brake pads.

  • Changing Brake Pads In Pairs

When replacing brake pads, it is best to do so in pairs. First change the two in front. Similarly, change the two in back.

On the other hand, the front brakes require more frequent replacement because they do most of the work. If you want to prevent steering issues or uneven braking time, you should replace all four components simultaneously.

  • Knowing When To Replace Brake Pads

Wear on brake pads should be detected as soon as possible. Whenever applying pressure to the brakes, if you hear high-pitched noises coming from your vehicle like grinding, squeaking, squealing, it is a good indication that your vehicle needs new brake pads.

This noise can be heard when stopping or slowing down the vehicle. If you hear these noises, your need to replace your brake pads.

  • Warning lights

Brake pad warning systems are available on some vehicles. You will be notified when your brake pads need to be changed.

A sensor is used in these systems, which is activated when brake pads wear down to a certain level. There are many older and less expensive vehicles that don’t have this system, particularly the cheaper ones.

  • Visual Checks

It is always possible to check your pads visually for wear and tear and replace them if necessary. Your brake pad can be seen from the outside of your wheels allow you to see it.

You can check if they’ve been worn off by looking at the part that is pressed against the rotor. You should replace your pads if you see less than 3mm of pad remaining.

  • Vibrations

A worn or overheated brake pad or warped rotor could be the cause of vibrations during hard braking. If you don’t need to replace your brakes, you should check them either way.

  • Car Pulling To One Side

Wear in brake pads can be one of the reasons for your vehicle pulling to one side. Make sure you check the brake pads of your vehicle, along with other things such as a flat tire, if it is pulling hard to one side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Ceramic brake pads durable?

Ans: When it comes to driving in a paved road, ceramic brake pads are quite durable. However, if you frequently travel off-road, you will wear out ceramic units faster.

Q: Are Ceramic brake pads better than metallic or semi-metallic ones?

Ans: Semi-metallic and metallic brake pads are better on heavier vehicles and feature greater stopping power.

But for smaller vehicles like SUVs and cars, ceramic brake pads are the way to go. They are more affordable and also more durable when it comes to small vehicles.

Q: Do Ceramic brake pads wear out the rotors faster?

Ans: No. In fact, ceramic brake pads, thanks to the materials used in its construction, have reduced wear on the brake rotors, thus enhancing its lifespan.

Q: Are Ceramic brake pads noisy?

Ans: When compared to other types of brake pads, the noise level of a ceramic brake pad is considerably low. It also creates less dust keeping the wheel looking clean and fresh.

Final Thoughts

As you can clearly see, ceramic brake pads are the way to go if you want the best value for your money. They are affordable and also far more suitable to your vehicles than semi-metallic or organic brake pads and saves you a lot on repairs and check-ups.

We hope you found our extensive review of the best ceramic brake pads helpful in your search for the parts for your car. Hopefully, now you can go out and buy the perfect unit for your vehicle without any worry.