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Unlike most other upgrades to your car, this one won’t cost a fortune. It’s a DIY thing. Just put the car on a jack, take the wheels off and you’re good to go. You can always be a little bit more careful by taking the calipers off when spraying.

When shopping for the best brake caliper paint, there isn’t much to look out for. But those cheap ones flake off quite fast. You have to make sure that the one you’re getting has enough heat resistance. And isn’t prone to damage due to some chemicals and especially dust.

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Top Contenders for Best Brake Caliper Paint

Here are some of the standout brake caliper paint in the market. Their merits & demerits have been discussed in detail for your convenience. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Best Brake Caliper Paint

1. Dupli-Color BCP400 Red Single Brake Caliper Kit


Dupli color makes your automobile customization easier when it comes to repainting the parts. Here we have a brake caliper paint kit that includes paint pint, aerosol caliper cleaner, paintbrush, stir stick, masking tape & a step by step instruction guide too.

The brush included with the paint is a much more efficient way of repainting because you won’t have the fear of spilling paint anywhere else. Of course, there is masking tape to make sure your paint doesn’t spill anywhere. Only 3 or 4 stokes & the paint will settle in fine in just 30 minutes.

The paint is formulated with ceramic resins that produce a glossy finish to your calipers. Not only calipers but also rotors & drums can be customized with it too. After you’re done, your caliper will get a protective coating from corrosion, brake dust, or chipping.

You don’t need to worry about the paint peeling off or damaging because it can resist up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You should give the whole paint job 1 hour to dry up perfectly on the surface.


  • The brush is not of the best quality; replacing it is a better idea.
  • The red paint is also not that bright & eye-catchy.
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2. VHT SP731 Real Red Brake Caliper Paint


VHT has introduced an Aerosol spray brake caliper paint in an 11-ounce can. You can use it for your brake, drum, caliper, and rotor for any custom paint job. The spray can & nozzle is great so that you can apply the perfect pressure for the amount of spray you want.

The problem with brake rotors & calipers is that it can get very hot. So normal paint won’t be very good at it as they are not heat resistant. But the VHT is made up of such a formulation that it can withstand 900-degree Fahrenheit. So even in the toughest of conditions about any peeling or chipping of the paint.

After a light spray all around the surface gets 2 or 3 good strokes all around for the paint to completely sink in. The paint dries in about 30 minutes but let the paint job sit for a while to be perfect.

But you need to make sure that you have nice curing on the surface before applying the paint. It is remarkably resistant from any sort of rust or fading. Make sure you have used the clear coat before applying the paint.


  • Without clearcoat, the paint would be absorbed by rust & brake dust.
  • The calipers need to be removed for the paint job.
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3. POR-15 42806 Red Caliper Paint


With the POR-15 42806, you have the option of applying ceramic-like colors on the calipers without the need to remove it from the brake pads. It has almost 8 fluid ounces or one-half pint of paint inside the can. Painting the calipers with a brush would allow the paint to dry in with the surface of the calipers. This option is absent if you spray the paint.

It is able to withstand almost 500 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature. The surface of the calipers gets heated a lot, so you need to use paint that can resist such high temperatures. Otherwise, it would just peel or chip off. The POR-15 has excellent coverage properties.

The tough & glorious coating from the POR-15 would make your calipers resistant to any corrosion or brake dust. If you feel like not painting the whole calipers, then you can just dip the whole calipers into the paint. Then you just have to leave them to dry. Leaving it for the night would be reasonable for the whole paint to dry up smoothly.

There are a lot of options to go for when it comes to color choices for the POR-15 42806 caliper paint.


  • You need to get the calipers out of your vehicle to get full coverage.
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4. G2 High-Temperature Brake Caliper Paint


If you are looking for a high-temperature resistant caliper paint then G2 has formulized such the paint for you.  This brush-on paint is able to resist up to 980-degrees Fahrenheit. This high-temperature resistivity is one of the highest available in the market.

The paint is formalized to protect your caliper from any sort of rust, brake dust, road salt, or loose gravel. Because it is brushed paint, it would stick to your surface harder than the aerosol paint. With a clear coat epoxy, the G2 would not be wearing off.

After 3 or 4 coats with the brush, your end result would show high glossy, wear-resistant colors. If you want your calipers to pop from the wheels, then choose an eye-pleasing color to paint. Make sure you apply the cleaner before going off to brush the paint.

The G2 caliper paint comes in 11 different colors, so you have your mind to make up to. The whole kit comes with everything you need to paint. The cleaner needs to be used properly before applying the paint. There is also a reactor to be mixed with the paint so that the paint can be smooth.


  • The kit included brush is substandard
  • The reactor has to mix in constant stir with the paint, otherwise, it would be uneven.
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5. Rust-Oleum 251591 Caliper Paint Spray


Here we have another high-temperature resistant spray paint presented by Rust-Oleum. This aerosol spray paint is packaged in a 12-ounce can that is capable of covering at least 2 calipers. The manufacturers have especially engineered this spray paint to protect the caliper from constant brake dust, dirt & corrasion.

But the center of attraction of this paint is the huge level of resistivity it provides to the calipers. When applying the brakes, the temperature can rise a lot. So having to withstand this temperature for the paint is essential. In this case, Rust-Oleum has featured their paint to withstand almost 900 degrees Fahrenheit. In hotter conditions, this paint will serve you best.

This high-temperature resistivity allows the paint o protect the caliper form any sort of rust. The spray can allow you to paint in any angle technology. This gives you better overall coverage of the caliper. The smooth elegant finish at the end would certainly make your day.


  • Paint stripped anywhere else can cause that paint area to strip away.
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6. Dupli-Color DE1643 Ceramic Torque Paint


Dupli Color provides a wide range of caliper paint options for its users. 60 years in the touch up automotive paint section certainly makes their OEM coating more reliable. Like their previous paint we encountered, this one is different because it’s an aerosol paint kit. The 12-ounce aerosol can certainly make your painting experience more fun.

The paint spray is formulated from quality ceramic resin, making it one of the best in the market. Each spray can is fitted with an EZ Touch conical nozzle that guides the pigment as directed to ensure a better coverage area. There are a lot of color options for you to choose from.

The paint protects the calipers from any sort of brake dust or rust. It will not show any sort of peel, flake, or blister at all. The ceramic resins can resist up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is enough to resist the high temperatures that calipers go through.

Once you apply the spray with 2 or 3 strokes, it should be dry in about 30 minutes. Give the whole paint job an hour or two to fully settle in, then handle the calipers. With such heat dissipation & glossy finish, your calipers would look superb.


  • The paint requires a couple of coatings.
  • Might result in crinkled paint.
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7. VHT Single ESP154000 Engine Enamel Grabber Green Aerosol


Now for our last product of the day, we have VHT Engine Enamel Grabber Aerosol. The 11 ounce can of spray paint is capable of painting two calipers depending on their size. You have a wide range of colors to choose from including the factory match color too.

The unique blend of urethane and ceramic resins makes the VHT paint stand out more than others in the market. It is capable of producing a durable finish to your caliper. Not to mention the beautiful glossy look too.

The challenge for spray paints on calipers is to match the high-temperature criteria. Because most normal paints peel off in such intense heat. But VHT engine enamels are capable of withstanding 550°F or 288°C. So don’t need to worry about any peeling or chipping.

The paint is also capable of withstanding any sort of chemicals. Your calipers are well safe from rust or corrosion. Today’s gasoline blends & degreasers cause a lot of problems to the automotive paint job, but not to worry about the VHT aerosol paint job.


  • In high temperatures, the spray paint can get chipped.
  • Doesn’t fill in as brush paint does.
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Guidelines for Best Brake Caliper Paint

Though there isn’t too much to look out for when searching for a quality brake caliper paint, some factors distinguish them from one another in the long run.

Guidelines for Best Brake Caliper Paint Review

Type of Paint

There are mainly two types of brake caliper paints in the market. Spray paints are more modern than a brush or can one in terms of both application mechanism and variety.

  • Aerosol Spray

Usually, you’ll find them in an 11 or 12 ounce can with as an aerosolized spray can of caliper paint. They are good on whole but you need to get the caliper off of your vehicle. You’ll also need to use masking tapes to cover the surrounding area. But for high-temperature environments, aerosolized paints have a low resistivity.

  • Brush Paint or Dipping Cans

Its easier to paint the whole caliper with a brush. You don’t need to worry about the paint spraying elsewhere. These paints have a better resistivity to high temperatures then aerosol cans. You can also dip the caliper in the can. This would increase the uniformity of the paint on the surface.


When dealing with automobile parts touch up, factors to consider at least include rust, brake dust, dirt & automobile grease. So, your brake caliper paint needs to long-lasting & durable in order to save your caliper form these harmful components. That’s why to look for chemical & brake dust resistant caliper paints for the protection of the paint.

High-Temperature Resistivity

Though the main purpose of your brake caliper paint is to protect it from brake dust & rust, high-temperature conditions aren’t ones to overlook. Your brake calipers become extremely hot, especially in the summer while you are driving.

Your paint must have high-temperature resistivity in order to withstand itself from flaking off. Brush paints have much higher temperature resistivity than spray paints.


You need to make sure that your brake caliper pain has a full coverage of the total surface of your caliper. Two or three coats should do fine in this purpose. Brush-on paint has an advantage here as they can have more coverage than the spray paint. Because spray cans have trouble on those tight corner surfaces to reach.

Fast Dry

You shouldn’t have to wait for 3 or 4 hours for the paint to dry. The best values paint caliper would take no more than 1 hour to dry off & be ready for use. Aerosol Spray paint takes less time to dry in comparison with brush-on paints.

Full Kit

If you are purchasing a caliper paint, then you should have the additional DIY components with the paint. For brush-on paint, you should have a brush, stir stick, masking tape & caliper cleaner.

The aerosol cleaner kit should feature masking tape & cleaner. Make sure you have these additional tools, otherwise you have to purchase them elsewhere which can get costly.


Q: Do I need to take off the Caliper in order to paint?

Ans: Taking off the whole caliper from the brake pad is better. Because in this way you are getting full coverage of the caliper area to paint. But with the caliper on, you are just painting the surface visual to you. Not to mention there is a risk of spilling paint on other parts.

Q: Does brake caliper paint work on other parts?

Ans: You can use brake caliper paint on other parts of your braking system such as brake pads, rotors, and drums. But do check the manual of your paint or contact the manufacturer to be absolutely sure.

Q: How many calipers can be painted with a brush-on kit or aerosol can?

Ans: This depends on the amount of brake caliper paint you have purchased. With a 10- or 11-ounce aerosol can you can cover at least two calipers depending on their size. But with a brush-on kit, you should be able to paint all four calipers as you are not wasting any paint by spilling or spraying.

Q:  Are there any prerequisites before going to paint?

Ans: Yes, you should always clean the surface of the calipers perfectly before you go paint them.  Make sure your brake caliper paint has a cleaner with it so that you can use it to peel the existing paint off & clean the surface. Otherwise, your new paint job will be affected by dirt & brake dust.


Repainting your caliper will not only give your vehicle a classy look matching with the chassis color but also protect your caliper from potential rust or brake dust. But choosing the right brake caliper paint can become a topic of a nuisance considering how many options there are in the market. That’s why we are here to help you with our expert opinion.

In our eyes, the G2 High-Temperature Brake Caliper Paint ranks top with its incredible temperature resistivity & glossy finish to your vehicle. But if you are looking for overall good paint with a good budget then the Dupli-Color BCP400 would be a nice choice. If you are considering spray paint, Rust-Oleum 251591 is without a doubt an excellent choice with 900-degree Fahrenheit resistibility.

In general, there isn’t a whole lot of criteria to look out for while looking for the best brake caliper paint. Just make sure that the caliper paint offers high heat resistance, durability & comes with all the necessary components to finish the job. 

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