Best Brake Pads Dodge Ram 2500 | Boost your Vehicle’s Braking Power

The Dodge RAM 2500 represents a bucking bill, like one of those only JB Mauney, can ride. It’s a hefty and muscular truck that requires a heavy-duty leash, by that I mean the best brake pads Dodge Ram 2500.

The top-selling factors of a truck are the comfort, utility, and the absolute control that you can have over it. A damaged brake pad puts a dent on it. That’s why the brake calipers have been engineered to make it very easy to install the brake pads.

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Few Reviews of The Best Brake Pads Dodge Ram 2500

As brake pads play a huge role in your vehicle’s stopping power, choosing the most suitable one can be challenging for a beginner. To help you further, below we put together a list of excellent brake pads worth installing on your Ram 2500.

Best Brake Pads Dodge Ram 2500

1. Power Stop K5411-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front Brake Kit


Power Stop K5411-36 Z36 Brake Kit offers powerful and immediate stopping power even when you are at a very fast pace. Their high-quality ceramic brake pad with carbon fiber is quiet and produces little to no dust. At the same time, this kit is super effective to handle off-road terrain, towing and hauling huge weight.

This brake pad comes with everything you require to get them on a dodge ram in a very little time. You get driller and pre-slotted rotors, ready to be mounted anytime in minutes. Excellent build in both rotors and pads provide superb durability. They are designed to withstand high-temperature and cool them down while working.

They feature a user-friendly hardware kit as well as synthetic brake lubricant, making it a worth buy. This pad has a rubber core multilayer shim that furnishes protection against noise. Moreover, the installation process is relatively simple and straightforward, you won’t have any problem while setting the whole system up.


  • The brake pads and rotors wear out over time.
  • It may feel ultra-expensive for its quality.
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2. Power Stop Z36-1400 Rear Brake Pads


Power Stop Z36-1400 Rear Brake Pads is well-known among off-road enthusiasts for its extensive braking power and excellent performance. It is a product of highly sturdy carbon-ceramic. Not only does this offer an immediate brake hit but it also provides extreme durability. They can sustain high temperatures as well.

The sturdy ceramic formula offers an additional layer for protection against rust and corrosion. Thanks to the slotted and chamfered surfaces, they do a superb job to keep the system free of dust. Not to mention, there are rubberized stainless steel shims that nullify noise and dissipate heat exponentially.

Exceptional braking power with maximum cooling helps the brake pad to perform efficiently without wear and tear. Additionally, these brake pads come equipped with slotted and drilled rotors so that you can install them hassle-free. For further smooth engagement, there is brake lubricant with a high-quality hardware kit.


  • The metal keepers are flimsy and can be broken off easily.
  • Quite expensive than the quality it offers.
  • Their drilled slots do not improve brake performance.
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3. Fit Dodge Front Black Kit and Ceramic Brake Pads


Fit Dodge Front Black Kit and Ceramic Brake Pads are designed with the sole purpose of enhancing your brake power and convenience. It fits well with both RAM 2500 and 3500 types of pickup trucks. Ceramic pads with black hart slotted rotors are the components contributing to its powerful stopping and braking power.

These pads are super quiet as well. Not only you can get them to perform quietly but also these produce very little dust. At the same time, the pads shimmed to absorb possible vibration as well as eliminate noise. Most importantly, these help to reduce friction and dissipate heat like no other while keeping the wear minimum.

The manufacturer has added precision slots to enhance their stopping power whenever the driver applies the brake. Overall, this set is easier to install with the direct bolt. Because of the quick cooling, their maintenance cost is quite low. You won’t have any problem enjoying their use for several years.


  • This kit does not come with extra brake lubricant.
  • There are no caliper guide pins.
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4. Power Stop Z36-1399 Front Brake Pads


Power Stop Z36-1399 Front Brake Pads boosts superb carbon fiber infused construction that ensures both durability and longevity. This makes it thermally stable, can withstand the highest temperature. Moreover, these materials help the pads to stay dust-free while enhancing the braking power and overall performance.

These brake pads come with exceptional shims to keep the noise level to the minimum level. Besides, there are slots that make installation way simpler. You also get stainless steel rotors that fit perfectly with the pads. Due to the proper balancing of the rotors, the safety level by the pad is higher than regular ones. 

Apart from all that, the drilled and slotted rotors deliver extra flexibility and convenience of use while keeping the maintenance cost low as possible. On top of all, there is additional hardware and brake lubricant comes with these pads. Thus, you won’t face any difficulty to mount the pads on your Dodge Ram.


  • A bit dustier than others
  • Its braking power is not as powerful as advertised.
  • The retainer clips are comparatively weak.
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5. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC702A Ceramic Disc Pad Set


Wagner ThermoQuiet QC702A Ceramic Disc Pad Set is one of the top picks for a ceramic brake pad for its quick operation, stopping power and reliability for a wide range of vehicles. The revolution of carbon-infused construction with ceramic optimizes your vehicle’s braking system while minimizing disc wear as well.

The brakes use a dynamic noise absorption technology that diminishes vibration at a point of contact. Moreover, all the basic components: like shims, slots, chamfers work together to provide low-dust operation. At the same time, it maintains a low noise level compared to average brake pads, giving you quieter experience.

To ensure optimum power and make everything smoother, this set comes with a feature called thermal-sensitive friction. It lets you adjust the brakes to different temperatures. Nevertheless, there is everything you need to install the pads simply. They also include integrally molded insulators which boost its one-piece design.


  • This set does not come with brake lubricant.
  • There are no shim plates.
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6. Power Stop K2203-36 Front Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Kit


Next, we have another fantastic value-oriented option from the power stop. Power Stop K2203-36 Front Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Kit are ultra-safe, reliable, and most importantly highly durable. Due to their unique carbon-fiber infused ceramic construction, it offers decent stopping power with low dust build-up.

The brakes are designed to provide superior performance with your Dodge Ram. This gets even better considering how quiet and smooth they are. As the manufacturer states, the brake pads are fitted with pre-attached shims which exponentially reduces vibration and brake squealing as well as heating.

This kit comes with drilled and slotted rotors as well. These are high-temperature compounds that ensure brakes are performing constantly even in extreme conditions. As for installation, this brake pad set is very effortless to install. You get everything from lubricant to premium hardware kit that makes your job easy.


  • This kit may seem quite expensive for only the front.
  • It produces little brake dust.
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7. Detroit Axle – Front & Rear Brake Pads


Lastly, on our list, we have Detroit Axle – Front & Rear Brake Pads which is well renowned for its excellent price to performance ratio. This kit is constructed from ceramic formulation for premium performance braking. Moreover, the design not only saves the brake pads from wear and tear but also extends its life as well.

All in all, this set is highly suitable for Dodge Rams 2500 models. The assembling maintains a quiet yet low-dust performance. For maximum noise reduction, this set includes premium quality stainless steel shim and back plating. This also features molded shim technology that makes sure the shim stays attached at all times.

Additionally, they come with chamfers and slots that limit vibration and improve the overall quality of the brake pads. Not to mention, the pads come with slotted and drilled rotors for maximum cooling power. You get an entire set of practical hardware items as well so that you can set the pads up with little time and effort.


  • The brake pads are too thick to fit.
  • It may start squeaking after a few hundred miles.
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Best Brake Pads Dodge Ram 2500 Review

Q: How will you know when your brake pads for Dodge Ram need replacing?
Ans: The most common sign is the hard-to-miss squeaking sound. Also, when the brake is wearing off or braking fluid is draining fast, the brake pads need replacement. Nowadays, some dodge ram models have brake sensors that will alert you about replacement.

Q: Are ceramic brake pads better than the metallic one?

Ans: Yes. Ceramic brake pads are slightly better just about in every essential factor like power, noise, dust production, durability, vibration, and more. On the other hand, metallic brake pads are slightly worse in all categories but more expensive.

Q: How will you change the brake pads in your car?

Ans: Primarily gather all the necessary tools like a car jack, toolset, a tire tool, a tool chest, etc. Now to remove the tire that covers the brake housing, jack your car up to remove all the lug nuts and tire. And, clean the wheel’s exposed area. Then, take the brake assembly apart by following a reference of disassembly steps.

After that, remove the two bolts on top of the brake caliper assembly to loosen it. Once it is loosened, clean it with brake cleaning fluid. To remove the old brake pads, you need to clamp the brake pistons down. Lastly, put the new pads in place and carefully clip these in, reverse all the previous processes to assemble again.

Q: How can you make your brake pads last longer?
Ans: When you expect traffic ahead of you, use the accelerator rather than braking to slow down. Try to keep your car as light as possible; remove unnecessary heavy stuff. You need to find ways to avoid using brakes too much. Thus keep an eye on your car speed all the time and slow down before you reach your destination.


The best brake pads dodge ram 2500 do not have to be the most expensive, but they have to be the most efficient one. Our detailed reviews should assist you to make an informative decision. However, we think Power Stop Z36-1399 and Wagner ThermoQuiet QC702A brake pads set stand out from the rest.

If you are looking for powerful barking for smooth and quick stops, then Power Stop Z36-1399 Front Brake Pads will not disappoint you. These brake pads feature superb rust-free construction that ensures less corrosion and noise. Installation is quite simple and straightforward as well with drilled and slotted rotors design.

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC702A Ceramic Disc Pad Set delivers excellent stopping power, minimum heat, noise, and vibration. This is designed to ensure ultimate braking power in various weather conditions. The most distinguishing factor is that this set features a one-piece design with an integrally molded insulator.

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