Best Brake Pads for Subaru Outback for Superior Performance!

Let’s think for a second. What is the first thing that comes into your head when you hear about the Subaru Outback? Most probably a mighty SUV that cruises along a wild unpaved road. OBs are meant to be rugged, powerful, ready to go anywhere type of vehicle. 

But isn’t it necessary for this mighty beast to break just in time? Obviously! Braking plays a pivotal role in any driving experience. Surprisingly, brake pads are the contributing factor behind some fatal accidents. So, you need fitting brake pads for your Subaru outback. It may be Power Stop K3038 Front Z23 for performance. 

Best brake pads for Subaru Outback

In this list, we’ve made sure that all of the products are manufactured by trusted manufacturers. Besides, these brake pads are capable of providing a tuned performance throughout their service life. 

Best brake pads for Subaru Outback for superior performance

1. Bosch BC929 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Bosch is a renowned name in the auto parts industry. They offer a large lineup of brake pads for different vehicles. It’s not surprising that they have the OBs covered. This front brake pad is a reliable replacement and can deliver the desired outcome. Thanks to high-quality build material and Bosch’s expert manufacturing techniques. 

BC929 delivers top-notch stopping power. Besides, the braking is fairly noise-free. This happens because the pads stick to the designated position. The high-quality construction ensures the rest. These brake pads leave considerably less amount of dust on the rim. This ensures less wear in the pads and also a healthy pair of rotors. 

The manufacturer provides lubricant in the pack. This is a nice touch at this price point. Bosch ensures less use of copper to abide by the 2025 Copper Free legislation. This doesn’t compromise the performance. Yet, ingenious manufacturing boosts the durability. 

As Bosch recommends BC929 for a wide range of vehicle models, you may find it uncomfortable to properly install the pads. But with slight adjustments, this task can be completed.  


  • Premium materials deliver the desired performance 
  • The transfer layer is there to prolong the durability 
  • Multilayered shim reduces noise 
  • Synchronized braking performance  


  • You may find it a little difficult to install 

2. Detroit Axle – 293mm Front & 274mm Rear Disc Brake Rotors Pads Replacement for Subaru Legacy Outback 

Detroit Axle offers a full replacement brake kit for your OB. There are certainly some benefits of using a full brake kit from an individual manufacturer over stacking individual parts. This kit also serves that purpose as it ensures a synchronized performance of all four brake assemblies. 

You can be confident about the durability of the kit. High-quality materials are used to construct the rotors and the pads. This is a reason behind the appreciation of the stopping performance from the kit. 

The manufacturer meticulously tests the performance of the brake pads and rotors. Besides, they do a thorough inspection of the rotor balance. This quality inspection minimizes the chance of defective parts, besides, it ensures the promised performance.        

You may experience braking noise. It can happen when the brake pads get older. Besides, this indicated a misbalance in the rotors. This is a common phenomenon. Though the kit is capable of delivering pleasing performance, this problem may occur. But luckily, this happens when the kit is old enough.  


  • Comes with 10 year warranty from the manufacturer 
  • Fully tuned braking kit 
  • High-quality build material 
  • Passed proper testing and performance check 


  • Noise may be heard from the brake assembly when the kit gets older 

3. Detroit Axle – Front Brake Kit Subaru Baja Forester Impreza Legacy Outback Replacement Disc Brake Rotors Ceramic Brakes Pads

Detroit Axle offers a specialized front axle brake rotor and pad package. This is a slightly bigger size than the previous offering from this manufacturer. This set includes a pair of brake rotors, required brake pads, and brake cleaner fluid. Undoubtedly, it’s a lot at this price point. 

The manufacturer had done a great job choosing the build material for the pack. They have ensured the quality by picking up rugged material. This surpasses the OEM standard to an extent. Therefore, you can extract a longer service life from the pack than other offerings in the market currently.  

The brake rotor and the pad work as a pair to achieve greater performance. This tuning translates into perfect synchronization in the braking assembly. Consequently, you get a remarkable stopping power. It also takes care of comfort by reducing the noise during braking. 

Some users have noticed a reduction in stopping performance. Besides, some have complained about the noise from the brake assembly after some time. These problems may occur because of the heat dissipation issues in the rotor. But these problems can be overlooked considering the price point. 


  • Durable yet budget-friendly 
  • Complete set for the front axle 
  • The package includes brake cleaner 
  • High-quality materials that shadow the OE standard
  • 10 years manufacturer warranty 


  • The rotor takes longer to dissipate heat 

4. Bosch BE929H Blue Disc Brake Pad Set With Hardware 


Another Bosch product makes its place on our list. This product is fairly similar to the previous Bosch brake pads. But it has some improvements. The noticeable one is regarding stability. This pad fits into its designated space quite firmly. Consequently, it is also stable during the braking. 

This pair of brake pads can imitate the performance of the OE parts. It provides better noise cancellation through its shims. These shims are fitted perfectly in a multi-layer arrangement to reduce the braking noise. 

BE929H has an anti-rust coating. This coating plays a vital role in the braking performance by preventing rust and corrosion. Besides, it increases the durability of the braking system. The package also includes lubricating oil for mitigating the resistance. 

Some users have noticed dust in the rims. Well, this is not uncommon for the brake pads to leave dust on the rims. But users have complained about the amount of dirt accumulation. This can compromise the longevity of the brake pads. 


  • High-quality build material 
  • Proper package at a comparative price point
  • Anti-rust coating for better rust protection 
  • Easy installation 


  • Leaves dust on the rims 

5. Power Stop K3038 Front Z23 Carbon Fiber Brake Pads

Power Stop has appreciated the able lineup of brake rotors and pads. This is a performance-centric set of rotors and pads for the front wheel assembly. The brake pads of this set are made of carbon fiber ceramic. It is a quite stronger material than the regular ones. Therefore, it can sustain brake force for longer. 

You get a pair of mill-balanced rotors in this set. Ordinary rotors are prone to get imbalanced as they get older. But the mill balanced rotor carries distributed weight along the perimeter. This helps to maintain the balance. And that means you experience less noise when you press the brake. Moreover, the brake pads are calibrated so that they can perform well-orchestrated braking. 

This brake pad unit leaves 30 percent less dust compared to other pads. It increases the durability of the entire brake assembly. Besides, rubberized shims on both sides prevent the brake noise. It means the rotor and pads can deliver a comfortable ride together. Slots in the rotor provide the desired to cool and also prevent rust.

This brake pad and rotor combo ensures that performance meets comfort. But this may not be the case if the rotor is slightly misaligned. Therefore, you can experience noise during braking. 


  • 30 percent less dust 
  • The slotted rotor ensures better thermal properties 
  • The Rotor disk is less prone to rust
  • Better durability 
  • Well balanced rotor ensures better performance  


  • Tends to get noisy if the rotor is misaligned
  • Expensive option than the others on this list  


Best brake pads for Subaru outback at present Review

Q: How long does a typical brake pad last? 

Ans: There is a wear limit on each brake pad. On average a brake pad can last about 40,000 miles. But this lifespan depends on several factors. These factors include driving conditions, driving habits, and the quality of the brake pad. That’s why brake pads can last from 20,000 miles to 65,000 miles. Braking gently can increase the lifespan of the brake pads.  

Q: Is a ceramic brake pad better than a semi-metallic one? 

Ans: Ceramic brake pads are usually quittered than their semi-metallic counterparts. Besides, they leave finer dust. That means you can find less debris inside the wheel assembly. However, the semi-metallic brake pads are relatively cheaper. These semi-metallic pads provide reliable performance in different temperature ranges. That’s why, heavy vehicles (trucks, towing vehicles) use semi-metallic pads.  

Q: Why do I hear noise from the brakes? 

Ans: If you hear a considerable noise from the brakes as soon as you hit the brake paddle, it can be caused by brake assembly. The rotor disc can come in contact with the brake calipers. This means the brake pads are worn out. 

Q: Is it wiser to choose an organic brake pad? 

Ans: Organic brake pads can be a good companion for a comfortable ride. But they are not something that you can rely on for regular usage. Of course, they are budget-friendly options. However, they can’t provide adequate stopping power constantly. These pads can be a fit for less-used cars. 


If you want superior braking performance, you can go with Power Stop K3038 Front Z23 Carbon Fiber Brake Pads. But if you want reliability within the budget, Bosch BC929 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad is a better option. Hopefully, this helps you to choose the desired brake pads for your Subaru outback!