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Having a hard time with squealing brakes? Perhaps, it’s your brake pads asking for a replacement. Brake pads consist of built-in metal tabs that begin to scrape the rotor once the pads wear out. And there’s your culprit for that squealing noise.  

Honda Pilot has so far been the largest crossover from Honda and an absolute fan favorite. Getting replacement parts for cars so popular as Pilot is quite an intricate deed. Anyhow, Bosch BC943 and KFE914-104 are the two best value-for-money products. Here’s a quick read to find more brake pads for Honda Pilot like these.

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Best Brake Pads for Honda Pilot in Town

Bagging the perfect set of brake pads for your Honda Pilot can be tricky, thanks to tons of brands and their offerings. You ignore the research part, pick a random one, and it becomes a chain of mistakes. However, we did the homework so that you don’t have to. Below is a list of our picks with detailed pros and cons.

Best Brake Pads for Honda Pilot FI

1. Bosch BC943 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set – Best for Quiet Operation

With the use of premium ceramic, Bosch BC943 knocks off the competition in terms of stopping capacity. Despite such power, durability is not at all a problem. Bosch has got your back with protective transfer layers. They will add up to the longevity of both your pad and rotor.

Apart from that, the high-quality ceramic allows for quiet as a lamb operation. Its shims feature multiple layers of rubber core to provide proper insulation against noise. Do note that such silence is pretty rare for brake pads with this caliber.

To reduce copper use, Bosch opted for an aerospace alloy used in patented copper-free ceramic. It turns out that this material works just fine and gives you a dust-free experience each time.  

Lastly, it comes with slots and chamfers of excellent quality for proper fitting and functioning. You also get additional kits along with lubricant so that braking becomes smooth sailing.

Although this set of pads scores high in most criteria, it stumbles in some as well. For example, these brake pads are not optimal for chilly weather, unlike the latter options on this list. The way they mitigate heat dissipation is not quite as efficient either.


  • Friction materials with zero asbestos.
  • Above-average stopping power.
  • Meets and even exceeds the OE standards.
  • Good noise reduction.


  • Not suitable for cold environments.
  • Inefficient heat management.
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2. KFE KFE914-104 Ultra Quiet Advanced Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad FRONT Set – Stopping Power Redefined

The ceramic brake pad formula used to construct the KFE914-104 allows for a much higher and consistent coefficient of friction. Thus, you can brake harder, faster, and even for a longer period than most other pads.  

Moreover, the friction coefficient helps the brakes to sustain without fade regardless of very high or low temperatures. So, you can count on them even in cold environments, a feature that Bosch BC943 was lacking.

Each brake pad also features dual-sided rubber shims that act as a buffer between the caliper and the backplate. Besides, the shims absorb vibrations, resulting in a noise-free braking experience. Other than that, KFE has put in the effort to reduce the use of asbestos and therefore keep you healthy.

Most amazingly, the brake pads go through a Thermo scorched treatment and a positive molding process. These processes prepare the brake pads to perform persistently so that you can stop your Honda Pilot in the lowest time possible.

You won’t have to worry about fitment for the most part since they meet the OEM standards. However, these brake pads do need proper calibration. Unless you calibrate them with care, they might produce a squealing noise.  


  • Superior stopping power.
  • Lower brake-in time.
  • Almost no vibration or noise.
  • Asbestos-free braking.


  • Calibration required while installing.
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3. Bosch BE865H Blue Disc Brake Pad Set – Rock-Solid Durability

Bosch BE865H can deliver optimal braking performance thanks to its advanced friction material formulations. Unlike the previously discussed ones, this brake pad set has the advantage of both NAO-ceramic and semi-metallic formulas. Therefore, they offer even lower brake-in time and better stopping ability.

On top of that, you won’t hear any squealing noises while braking. Because they feature OE-style multi-layer shims that are enough to dampen the noise. Moreover, durability is top-notch here, for which the credit goes to a rust inhibitive coating.

The package includes the necessary hardware kit along with synthetic lubricant. Due to this, resistance on sliding contact points remains minimal. And the good news is all the slots and chamfers do match the OE design. So, installing the brake pads is a no-brainer for the most part.  

Though these rear brake pads are pretty durable, an awful drawback is how much dust they produce. Unlike their dust-free counterparts, it is a major con that you should give a thought about before purchase. Also, they can be somewhat rough on the rotors over time.


  • Noise-free operation.
  • More durable than most ceramic brake pads.
  • Installation is pretty quick and easy.
  • Includes necessary hardware kit and lubricant.


  • Produces more dust than others.
  • A bit rough on the rotors after some time.
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4. SCITOO Ceramic Brake Pad Front Rear Disc Set – Consistent Performer

In terms of longevity, SCITOO has nailed it with this set of ceramic brake pads. Thanks to the thermos scorched treatment and a positive molding process, these pads are of top class. And they can not only lower the braking time but also stay consistent throughout their lifetime.

Aside from that, a reinforced carbon-fiber ceramic formula is their key to fade-free braking. To be precise, this set has an on-road record of up to 40% less fade than the competition. Subsequently, you always get less dust and cleaner wheels.  

For noise reduction, these brake pads come with gaskets that can absorb most of the vibrations. In addition to that, the gaskets provide for a buffer between the caliper piston and the brake pad backplate. The result is a more reliable and quiet experience each time you reach out for the brakes.

Installing the SCITOO ceramic brake pads is a pretty low-hanging fruit as well. Unlike most other brands, they do not require any alterations or modifications. Hence, you can install these as direct factory replacements right out of the box.

As it is with most ceramic brake pads, they cannot operate as smoothly in cold environments. These pads from SCITOO are no exception to that. Heat dissipation is another well-known problem with these.


  • Can last longer than most brake pads. 
  • Consistent performance throughout the lifetime. 
  • Produces the least noise. 
  • Easy installation.


  • Not ideal for freezing weather.
  • Poor management of heat dissipation.
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5. Bosch BE1280H Blue Disc Brake Pad Set – Easiest to Install

Both belonging to the same blue lineup, Bosch BE1280H is pretty similar to the Bosch BE865H. Whereas, BE1280H being for front braking while BE865H for the rear is a distinguishing factor.  

The ceramic friction materials used in Bosch BE865H are also present here. Therefore, you can expect more or less identical braking performance from both these brake pad sets. Apart from that, they are pretty alike in keeping low brake-in time and high stopping power.

When it comes to durability, these brake pads get the best from Bosch. A unique rust inhibitive coating is their formula for preventing rust and ensuring robustness. Besides, the included hardware and synthetic lubricant reduce resistance on sliding contact points. Hence, they add up to the overall durability.

Besides, the brake pads feature OE-style multi-layer shims that are great for dampening squealing braking noise. To install these noise-free pads, you don’t need much elbow grease either. That is due to all the slots and chamfers matching the OE design.

However, it’s not all plain sailing with the Bosch BE1280H. You might have to face some issues over time, as they tend to produce a fair bit of dust. As a result, they sometimes can harm the rotor if used for an extended period.


  • Effectively cancels out the noise. 
  • Convenient and easy installation. 
  • Durable and long-lasting. 
  • Top-of-the-line rust prevention.


  • Not completely dust-free. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Best Brake Pads for Honda Pilot Review

Q: How frequently should I check for worn-out brake pads? 

Ans: A good set of brake pads won’t wear out so quickly unless you drive extensively. However, a general rule of thumb is to check once a week, if not daily.

Q: How long do brake pads last? 

Ans: Since the quality of brake pads varies largely from brand to brand, it’s hard to come up with a definite number. While high-end brake pads can last for up to 75,000 kilometers, some might not even reach 10,000.

Final Words

Well, that’s about it. You’ve got yourself a list of the best brake pads for Honda Pilot. If you’re still wondering about who makes the best brake pads and rotors and which one to pick, we would suggest going for the Bosch BC943. You can also opt for the KFE914-104 unless you have any particular love for Bosch products.

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