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Playing the song ‘Never-ending Road’ while driving won’t make your ride eternal. You have to hit the brake after reaching your destination or in the middle of nowhere to avoid a mishap. But you can’t always stop your car right away if the braking system, which is the most crucial component, doesn’t work properly.

However, braking isn’t always fun and smooth. Sometimes your car makes obnoxious screeching after you hit the brake. It is a sign of damaged brake pads, change them immediately or it will damage other parts too. To help you find the best brake pads for Ford Ranger, we present you with this article.

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Some of the Best Up Till Now

Put an end to the time-consuming task of comparing hundreds of products. We have assembled a collection of the best brake pads to help you choose the one that is right for you.

Brake Pads for Ford Ranger Fi

1. Bosch BC833 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

BOSCH manufactures high-quality brake pads for Ford Ranger and types of automobiles. Their dedicated manufacturing does not use copper to make the pads, for environmental purposes. The advanced high-grade material they use here is the aluminum-based ceramic and semi-metallic alloy.

Advanced 5 layered shims with a long-lasting rubber core provide maximum strength and quiet operation. The aerospace alloy used in the pads utilizes cutting-edge friction formulas ensuring dust and corrosion-free service life. These brake pads do not melt or degrade under excessive heat or pressure.

A particular chemical process forms an insulative layer between the rotor and the brake pad surface, extending the life of both of the braking system components. The slots and chamfers are designed with the latest technology to fit and function smoothly, ensuring the lowest friction and noise.

You will get two pairs of brake pads as well as a manufacturer warranty that will assist you if anything goes wrong with the product. A hardware kit including synthetic lubricant is also provided with this brake pad set for immediate installation.

Sometimes customers receive defective products by mistake. You can request a replacement if it happens, but it is very time-consuming and inconvenient. This product material contains antimony trioxide which is cancerous.


  • Integrated rubber core ensures quiet brakes
  • Comes with an installation kit
  • Eco-friendly materials are used
  • Provides long-term warranty
  • It has a reasonable price range


  • Contains cancerous materials
  • Some fitting issues may arise
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2. Front Posi Metallic Brake Pads & Rotors Kit

A1 Auto brand offers a Ford Ranger braking package that contains not only brake pads but also replacement rotors to make your braking system a brand new one. High-density semi-metallic alloy ensures ultimate strength, durability, and longevity. The surfaces of the pads are balanced well to reduce vibration and noise.

Quality multi-layered shims and chamfers are designed with the latest engineering to provide smooth and quiet braking. There is less amount of resin content in the pads that visibly reduces brake fade and glazing. While braking operation, these braking pads work smoothly and reduces friction to make lesser dust.

In the kit, there is brake pad hardware for quick installation and also brake pad contact point grease to reduce harshness on the surfaces. They also provide a lifetime warranty with this product. Clear instructions are also given to assist you in correctly installing the pads, even if you are a complete novice in this segment.

Amongst all other brake pads on this list, this product is the most expensive one. Both the rotor and the pads can’t be used for rear wheels. The brake pad material contains fatal components that can cause cancer and reproductive harm.


  • Contains both the brake pads and the rotors
  • High-density semi-metallic alloy provides high strength
  • Multi-layer shims and chafers insulate noise
  • Installation kit includes necessary hardware and grease
  • Clear instruction is given


  • Harmful for health
  • It is very costly
  • The pads are not suitable for the rear position
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3. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC652 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Including Ford Ranger, the brake pad set of Wagner manufacturer is designed in a way to fit any kind of vehicle! The ceramic material used in these pads doesn’t contain copper, thus helps to reduce environmental pollution. Each of the brake pads is engineered to fit perfectly and to always deliver smooth consistent braking.

To evenly spread out vibration along the whole surface, the pads are shaped with the laser. This unique formulation design reduces brake fade and ensures long-lasting friction performance by dissipating heat. You will get a set of premium stainless-steel hardware and a good term warranty with this brake pad set.

Cleaner wheels can be achieved by their trademark production as it reduces rotor wear to minimize brake dust and corrosion. The one-piece design unifies sound insulator, backing plate, and friction materials altogether into a single high-strength component. This ensures the quietest and strongest braking process.

By mistakes, sometimes a customer can receive defective brake pads or they can’t fit your wheels. you can ask for a replacement. But if you buy this product from an unauthorized seller, you won’t be able to get the warranty or replace it. It doesn’t fit the rear wheels.


  • Environment-friendly material is used
  • It fits almost every vehicle
  • One-piece design makes it super durable
  • Vibration and heat can evenly spread on a larger surface
  • Ensures low dust and corrosion 
  • A stainless-steel hardware kit is included


  • Sometimes defective products are sent
  • This set is only for front wheels
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4. Wagner QuickStop ZD833 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Wagner industry introduces another type of brake pad set that is built to suit almost every type of car, including the Ford Ranger. Since the ceramic substance used in the pad does not contain copper, it helps to reduce environmental pollution.

Heat is dissipated through the unique formulation design ensuring longer duration friction operation since it reduces brake fade. The pads are shaped and designed in a way so that they can fit perfectly and provides uniform braking throughout the life of the brake pads.

Noise-causing vibrations are reduced by the application-specific chamfers, shims, and slots. The brake pads are made with a gradual post-cured process that makes them extra durable and decreases vibration, ensuring a quieter braking function. This set has the lowest price on the list, making it best in case of a tight budget.

High-grade stainless-steel hardware and an OE-standard lubricant are provided with this brake pad set for quick installation. The hardware works for selected applications and the lubricant helps to reduce friction. You will also get a warranty with this pad set.

Some fitting problems arise occasionally, you can’t even replace the product if you don’t buy it from an authorized seller. This brake pad set is not for rear wheels.


  • It fits most automobiles
  • The material does not contain copper
  • Heat and vibration are evenly spread out
  • Chamfers and shims reduce noise
  • It is the cheapest brake pad on this list
  • Lubricant and hardware are provided


  • Occasional fitting problem is recorded 
  • It doesn’t suit rear wheels
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5. Bosch BE652 Blue Disc Brake Pad Set

For the Ford Ranger, the BOSCH manufacturer offers another type of brake pad set. Their devoted production uses copper-free high-grade ceramic materials for a sustainable environment. The brake pads made with dedicated engineering ensures immediate braking with exceptional stopping power.

Resembling other brake pads of this brand, an advanced aerospace alloy is used here to make the pads extra durable. The high-grade aluminum alloy ensures dust and corrosion-free friction. Multilayer shims help to increase strength and dampen noises.

A rust inhibitive coating prevents rust while ceramic friction formula creates a protective coating between the brake pad and rotor surface that increases the lifespan of these components. The slots and chamfers are designed to fit and work flawlessly, reducing friction and noise as much as possible.

You will get a hardware kit for easy installation right out of the box anytime, anywhere. The kit includes a synthetic lubricant that reduces sliding resistance on contact points. This brake pad set contains a total of 4 pieces of ceramic disc pads for the front two wheels.

It can’t handle severe or medium-duty applications, only suitable for normal usage. The ceramic material is not upgraded like the previous brake pad set of this provider. This set is not suitable for rear wheels.


  • Copper-free sustainable material is used 
  • Advanced aerospace alloy makes the pads durable
  • Rust inhibitive coating reduces rust and corrosion
  • Multilayer shims dampen noise
  • Hardware kit and lubricant are provided too


  • It only fits front wheels
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty works
  • The material is not upgraded
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Brake Pads for Ford Ranger buying guide

Q: When should I change my brake pads?

Ans: If it takes a longer time to stop the car after hitting the brake, makes annoying sounds while stopping or the brake pads wear outs, you need to change the pads immediately.

Q: Should I change the brake pad and rotor concurrently?

Ans: Yes. Replacing only brake pads will lead to further uneven wearing as the surfaces won’t fit perfectly if one part is old with a rugged surface. So it’s better to change the pads and rotor simultaneously.


Ending Statement

If you want a long-lasting braking system, don’t randomly buy a product, it may damage other parts. Inspect wisely and pick the brake pads for Ford Ranger which is the most suitable for you.

You may ask who makes the best brake pad and rotor? We suggest you go for the Wagner ThermoQuiet for the best performance or Wagner QuickStop for a low budget.

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