Who Makes the Best Brake Pads and Rotors?

If you drive daily then you may choose your brake pad and rotor from Akebono or if you conduct heavy-duty driving then you may go for Bosch. Meaning that choosing the right brake pad and rotor for your vehicle depends on your driving style and purpose.

Who Makes the Best Brake Pads and Rotors?

There are various manufacturers of brake pads and rotors out there. But a handful of them can be pointed out as the most reliable and best ones.

Who Makes the Best Brake Pads and Rotors FI

Best Brake Pads for Daily Driver

If you are looking for the best brake pads for daily driving then you should consider brake pads that are geared towards light performance and less noise. Moreover, driving daily consists of frequent stops due to traffic. That is why we require a brake pad that can stop at small distances.

Akebono, Centric, EBC, Wagner provide the best brake pads for daily use as they offer less noise, less vibration, and less brake dust. Besides, these brake pads are seen to be long-lasting and they do not wear out that easily or quickly. So, you do not have to worry about changing them for a long time.

Those chosen brake pads provide an impressive resistance of brake fade even if you are using them daily. This results in an accurate deceleration of stopping the car. 

Best Brake Pads for Daily Driver

Best Brake Pads Brands UK

The UK produces one of the most widely and successfully used brake pads and that is Brembo. This brand provides high-quality brake pads to users. Another brake pad manufactured in the UK that comes close to Brembo is Borg & Beck. 

Users of Brembo or Borg & Beck brake pads do not tend to change the brand as they receive the best performance from them. In addition to durability, these brake pads leave the users with the satisfaction of minimal noise and vibration. 

If you are someone who enjoys performance-oriented street driving then Brembo brake pads might be a good choice for you. Because various Formula One and MotoGP teams use Brembo brake pads.


Furthermore, both Brembo and Borg & Beck are resistant to wearing out in a wide range of temperatures. For example, the optimum temperature for Brembo Sport brake pads is 200°C-300°C. But they can tolerate up to 600°C and function smoothly.

Akebono Brake Pads

If you have been associated with vehicles for a long time, then you have definitely come across Akebono. Because it has been producing one of the best brake pads and rotors for more than 85 years. Akebono is the pioneer of ceramic brake pads. 

These brake pads are applied in a vast number of vehicles, for example, Toyota, Honda, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Volvo, and many others. 

Akebono provides a wide range of brake pads that can be used for different purposes. They have brake pads like Akebono ACT905 that are suitable for daily driving. Also, they have brake pads like Akebono ASP914 suitable for heavy-duty driving like towing or hauling. 

Akebono Brake Pads


Akebono delivers low dusting which leads to clean wheels. Moreover, they provide low noise levels and vibration giving the user the pleasure of driving comfortably. Additionally, most of the brake pads of this brand are break-in friendly.

Stopping Power

 Akebono brake pads increase the stopping power of the vehicle which makes it easier to stop at small distances. Even if you are driving at a high speed, Akebono brake pads let you stop at the smallest time. 

Bosch Brake Rotors

Bosch is the producer of one of the best brake rotors, especially for Asian cars. It is quite affordable and a suitable alternative for OEM. 

Bosch brake rotors are quiet and much dust-less. They are quite easy to repair as most of them contain enclosed fixing screws, integrated wheel bearings, and ABS sensor rings. They perform well in preventing brake fade and offer high durability. All in all, Bosch brake rotors deliver high friction which results in a smooth application.

Bosch Brake Rotors

Ceramic Brake Pads

As the name suggests, ceramic brake pads are made up of ceramic that is dense and long-lasting. Akebono, Wagner, Power Stop, Bosch produce the finest ceramic brake pads out there.

Although Ceramic brake pads are the most expensive kind of brake pads out there, they have their reasons for it. Ceramic brake pads last much longer compared to metallic, semi-metallic, and organic brake pads. And also, they wear the system much less than the others. Additionally, out of all types of brake pads, they produce the least amount of noise and dust. 

Ceramic Brake Pads


However, ceramic brake pads can absorb less heat than metallic brake pads. Therefore, in the case of performance driving or racing, metallic brake pads would be a safer option. Although they will wear the system much faster.

Bosch Brake Pads

When it comes to brake pads, Bosch has made a great impact on heavy-duty driving and especially for Asian vehicles. They conduct quiet and clean driving.

Many Bosch Brake pads secure a better heat dissipation which keeps the system from getting overheated. In addition to that, it secures both the brake pad and the rotor. 

Bosch Brake Pads

Heavy-Duty Driving

Bosch provides a good quality adhesive between the brake pad carrier and friction material. Consequently, even under extreme conditions during heavy-duty driving, the friction material and brake pad carrier do not get disconnected. Some lines of Bosch, for example, EuroLine Disc Brake Pads deliver durable braking even in severe conditions as it generates high friction coefficient.


Q: Do ceramic brake pads wear rotors faster?

Ans: No, ceramic brake pads do not wear rotors faster. In fact, compared to other types of brake pads, ceramic brake pads wear the rotor the least while maintaining minimal noise and dust production.

Q: What company makes the best brake pads?

Ans: Akebono, Bosch, Centric, Wagner, Power Stop, EBC are some of the best producers of brake pads out there. They have the best performance and ratings in terms of durability.

Q: Should you use OEM brake pads?

Ans: OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brake pads are manufactured by the company that made the vehicle. Although they produce a good performance, they are quite expensive. On the other hand, Aftermarket brake pads which are brake pads produced by other companies, leave you with more options and choices at much less expense.


Although ceramic brake pads and rotors are quite expensive, they will provide you the highest comfort at driving. Moreover, ceramic brake pads and rotors from brands like Akebono or Bosch ensure safe and enjoyable driving for the long run. However, a semi-metallic or metallic brake pad and rotor might be a better option for you if you enjoy performance driving or racing.

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