Top 5 Brake Pads for Toyota RAV-4 Review

Having a car that travels from 0-60mph in less than 5seconds is something worthy of being boasted about. However, what’s more, important and under-recognized between car fanatics is how quickly a car comes to a full stop. Your brakes are quite literally what sets you apart in a life and death situation.

The Rav-4 is one of Toyota’s best in class, crossover SUV’s; with a large car such as this, and around 200HP under the hood, you’ll need a solid braking system. Brake pads for Toyota rav4 come in abundance, make sure you buy those highest in quality and performance, for greater longevity and precision braking. 

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Best Brake Pads for Toyota RAV-4 Review

We don’t have to emphasize how important a set of brake pads can be for both your car and your wellbeingMaking it the utmost importance that you take your time and put in some solid research into selecting a set of brake pads.

To make life easier, we’ve handpicked only the best brake pads in the market for you to choose from.

1. Bosch BC1210 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

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German engineering is best known for its precision equipment, built to deliver best in class performance, and Bosch provides no less. The QuietCast is one of the top-ranking products in our list, that provides the smoothest of operations, at the most competitive of prices.

The pads use an advanced aerospace alloy; it’s an aluminum-based alloy making the pads 100% copper-free and compliant with the 2025 copper-free legislations. By using these premium materials, it allows for unmatched braking of your SUV, even in the most undesirable of conditions.

With an OE style rubber shim placed right in the core of the pad, it allows you to get the quietest of performance, while also making the pads the resistant to corrosion and improving their durability. Meaning you can make the pads last much longer, even with the roughest of usage.

A chemical protective layer on top of the rotor and the pad further improves the longevity of the pads. You could probably do some high-speed drifts on your car, without completely burning out your brakes.

These ceramic brakes pads come with the top of the market slots and chamfers, giving you the perfect fit, making sure the pads don’t move around or wobble during those high-speed drifts. There’s also a synthetic lubricant included with your pads, thus allowing you to switch the pads straight from home simply.

Highlighted Features

  • Advanced aerospace aluminum-alloy.
  • OE style rubber shims placed at the core.
  • 100% copper-free
  • Protective chemical layer on both pads and rotor
  • Complete setup kit included
  • Quiet and smooth operation

2. Genuine Toyota (04466-42060) Brake Pad Kit

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If you’re an avid Toyota user and want to stick to stock parts, then these are for you. These might come at a higher price compared to others in the market. However, they’ll give you the same performance you got when you rolled out of the showroom for the first time.

With pads that are specifically made catering to the RAV4, there’s no way you could go wrong purchasing these. Moreover, purchasing genuine parts means the rest of your car will run in cooperation with each other. Making sure you don’t develop extra problems on your investment by using third party products.

The Japanese are known for their precision and high-quality equipment, so you can be sure these pads are going to last you quite a while. Even with the roughest of use, these brakes pads are estimated to last you around 50,000miles. Making that extra cash seem worth it.

Since these pads are such a perfect fit with your car, you’ll see an effortless movement of the pads within the calipers. Without any obstruction, you can be assured to have a split-second braking response. Making the brakes quiet and cutting off any chances of a mishap.

However, you’ll only get the pads with this purchase, so we recommend that you buy a set of new shims with the pads, or else you might have to reuse the older set.

Highlighted Features

  • OEM braking pads 
  • Provide the perfect fit 
  • High-quality alloy
  • Greater longevity and durability
  • Precision braking system 

3. PowerSport 2006-2018 RAV4 Full Kit Brakes

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If you’re looking for a complete braking solution for your RAV4 but aren’t willing to pay that extra price for genuine Toyota parts, then this is for you. Providing you with the exact features for a discounted price, PowerSport guarantees to give you a perfect fit, so no need to be tensed about having to modify the product.

With continuous use of the car, the brake pads are likely to wear away with time. However, most pads wear off unevenly. The Positive mold system prevents this by making sure the pads wear off in an even manner. Consistently giving you great performance when you need it the most.

It’s not only the even wear off that provides consistency, but the ceramic coating also keeps the pads at a consistent friction level even at high-temperature ranges. Meaning, the pads won’t fail you, even if the rotors heat up at high speeds. Thus, giving you undeniably great resistance from wearing off, improving longevity.

The pads have a 100% shimmed metal plating, making sure the pads take in most of the vibration, keeping noise to a minimum. However, even then, they’ll be a bit louder than other pads in the market. A small price to pay, if you take into account the amount of money you’ll be saving on this deal.

You’ll also get 4 performance rotors with the entire kit; these rotors are designed to allow ventilation keeping them cool and also leading to quicker heat reduction. They’re also slotted in, giving you greater pad bite, thus giving the pads a better grip on the rotors overall increasing friction and improving stopping time.

Highlighted Features

  • The kit includes 8 Ceramic Brake pads and 4 Performance brake rotors.
  • 100% shimmed pads
  • Original Manufactures specifications guaranteed
  • Even Wear material
  • Easy and Quick to assemble

4. UrbanAutoParts OEM Extra Life Heavy Duty Braking Kit

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A company that has been dealing with the automotive industry for a long time now, so they know their in’s and out’s. This set from Urbanautoparts includes 2 heavy-duty rear rotors and 4 ceramic brake pads. With the pads made to give you a complete fit, that is after they’re matched with a detailed description of your car.

These performance brake pads are specifically made to endure the harshest of conditions. The low dust ceramic formula on the pads, provide for better running conditions, where they wear off without leaving a trace on the rotors. A dust trail on the rotors would otherwise cause the pads to lose grip and the brakes to slip.  

You also get noise-reducing shims attached to the pads, helping you absorb the screeching sound of the brakes. Ceramic coated brakes can cut down the decibel value produced by the brakes to almost nothing.

Moreover, the pads come with a powder coating on the backplate, these are great for the wet season. They keep the pads safe from rainwater, by giving them an extra layer of protection, from corrosion and rust. 

The OEM feature means the brake pads are made to exactly match the manufacturer, which is where the company didn’t lag at all. The designers made it to match the original, which is why the pads come with chamfered and a slotted mark, these allow for better heat dispersion and a quieter environment.    

Highlighted Features

  • Complete fitting solution
  • Rotors set that are X-ray inspected
  • Ceramic materials
  • Corrosion-resistant outer pads.
  • OEM type features

5. Max Brakes Premium Braking Kit

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Max brakes are those cheaper priced brake pads in the market, who’s kit comes with not only pads but also the rotors, however, let focus on the braking pads. One of the key reasons to buy these pads comes with the performance of the product. As already stated by our experts, these pads can make 35% quicker stoppages.

Moreover, it’s not only the power that makes them so great, but other features such as the copper-free material also make sure no dust is produced in the running of the brakes. Not only are the pads dust-free, but they’re also infused with carbon fiber, making the pads lighter and stronger.  

The high-quality materials being used on the device, improve the lifespan of your car’s braking system. If used carefully you won’t have to worry about your brakes wearing out frequently. Thus, delivering that consistent amount of performance for a very long time.

Since these are pads that follow the features of an OEM product, they include the same chamfers and slots on the pads themselves. Giving your pads a better grip and allowing them to grab on to stock rotors quicker. 

Lastly, you’ll find that the braking pads are finely shimmed, the shimmed metal placed on with the pads allows for better absorption of noises. Thus, making driving with these brakes extremely comfortable, and giving you a stock like experience.

Highlighted Features

  • Uses Carbon fiber induced with a ceramic compound.
  • Max performance over 35%
  • Low dust-producing tech
  • OEM products
  • Shimming base installed

Frequently Asked Questions   

Brake pads for toyota rav 4

1. Difference between front and rear brake?

The main difference between front and rear brakes is in their size; the front brakes are smaller than the rear ones the front ones also tend to wear off quicker.

2. Is it easy to Set up?

All these pads are made according to fitting, so they’ll easily fit into your car without requiring any form of modification. 

3. What is an OEM?

OEM short for original equipment manufacturer is a designation used by the genuine parts supplier. It is also used by other companies, suggesting that the features of their brake shoes match that of the OEM.

4. Why are shimmed brakes important?

Shims help keep brake pads and rotors separate from each other, these helps absorb brake noise, thus giving you a much smoother ride.

5. What are the best materials used on a brake pad?

Most good brake pads are made using a ceramic pad; however, most companies use a mixture of alloys to make the padding stronger and last longer. Such as a carbon fiber coating keeps the pad from wearing off easily and provides a better grip.

Final Words

Every car has its requirements; therefore, you must specifically pick each part according to those requirements. Keeping that in mind, you must make sure the brake pads you purchase match the brake pads for Toyota Rav4. Thus, ensuring your brake pads always make a good fit and come to your aid.

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