What Are Brake Rotors Made Of?

Cast Iron Brake Rotors

The brake rotor is made up of metal, usually iron or steel, with some other metal alloys mixed in for added strength. The metals that make up the brake rotor are chosen for their ability to withstand high temperatures without warping or losing their shape.  Brake rotors are a vital part of the braking system, … Read more

What Are Car Rotors Made Of?

Right Type of Rotors for Your Car

A variety of metals can be used to make car rotor blades, but aluminum is generally the most common choice due to its lightweight properties and durability.  Rotor blades are made of a number of materials, including metal and plastic. The material that the rotor is made from affects how quickly it can stop a … Read more

How to Clean Brake Rotors?

Using Brake Cleaner Spray.

Brake rotors are a vital component in the braking system of a vehicle. They need to be cleaned periodically to prevent rusting, corrosion, and brake dust accumulation. It is important to make them cool before starting cleaning because if they are hot, they can burn you and damage your clothes. You should also wear gloves … Read more

How to Balance Brake Rotors?

How to Balance Brake Rotors

When your brake rotors become worn, they can cause significant problems with braking and even lead to a car accident. A balanced rotor is essential for safe driving and should be checked regularly by your mechanic or auto technician.  There are several ways to balance the rotor without having it replaced: using weights, adjusting the … Read more

What Is a Vented Brake Rotor?

Vented Brake Rotor

A ventilated brake rotor can help to improve your braking system’s performance in adverse weather conditions. By allowing the air to circulate, a vented brake rotor can reduce the amount of dust and dirt that accumulates on the brakes.  Ventilation also allows for better cooling of the brakes during hot weather months, making them more … Read more