Are Hawk Brake Pads Worth It?

In response to many questions, we’ve received about Hawk HPS Street Pads, we decided to write a review on them.  

Here are a few reasons why Hawk is a good choice if you’re thinking of upgrading your disc brake pad kit or wanting to improve your current system.

Hawk brake pads are truly different from any other brake pad option out there. Hawk’s HPS brake pads are made with a ferro-carbon compound that is designed to offer you better braking performance. 

With the latest technology in heavy-duty friction, engineers in the motorsports industry have developed a new friction compound.

Are Hawk Brake Pads Worth It FI

Why Choose Hawk?

In comparison to standard replacement brake pads, the High-Performance Street compound generates a greater coefficient of friction and provides 20-40% more braking power and resistance to brake fade.

You will be able to keep your wheels looking super shiny if you clean brake dust from them constantly. 

By the wear process of the friction material on your brake pads every time you use the brakes, Hawk brake pads produce extremely low dust levels. This means cleaner wheels because of better engineering. 

This compound is both gentle on rotors as well as extremely quiet. Therefore, bedding in Hawk pads is very important if you want to get the best performance from them.

The company also offers a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, made in the USA quality, and competitive pricing.

In order to answer your question, Hawk Pads are offered on our brake kits for a very good reason. 

We get to know the latest and greatest technologies because we are in the brake business. Although Hawk brake pads are not part of our brake line, they still offer the greatest value for money on the market right now.  

Despite your hesitance, give them a try. It won’t disappoint you.

Why Choose Hawk

EBC vs. Hawk

Why not save a few bucks on replacement pads next time? Save your money now because if you end up hitting the rear of a sedan that stopped short to avoid squishing a squirrel, you could wind up with a huge repair bill. 

Even if you pay a high price for new brake pads and rotors, it does not necessarily mean that you will have better stopping power. If you go to your local dealer for a brake job, you’ll learn this quickly. 

Hawk and EBC are both great options to choose from if you want high-performance at an affordable price. You’ll be able to stop on a dime with either brand’s brakes, or their prices are very affordable.

It is now your turn to ask yourself: which one should you get? As far as this age-old debate is concerned, it’s hard to give you a definitive answer. It’s up to you to decide, though the facts will be given below to help you make a clear choice.

The Benefits Of Hawk Brake Pads

In the same way that predatory birds swooped down on prey generations ago, Hawk brakes swept on the scene as the fiercest manufacturer of brake components ever created. 

Their pads can be used for a variety of driving situations, like EBC. Hawk also produces ceramic brake pads, much quieter, and not as sticky as traditional brakes. Below is more information on Hawk’s lineup:

The Benefits Of Hawk Brake Pads
  • Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads:

Known as Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads, the PC pads get a better bite than stock pads by replacing the ceramic material with ceramic material.

  • Hawk HPS Brake Pads:

These High-Performance Street brake pads are ideal for drivers who want their brakes to respond more quickly.

  • Hawk LTS Brake Pads:

These pads live up to the name “LTS”, which stands for “Light Truck and SUV.”. You can also use them to tow lighter rigs because they’re safer than OEM brakes.

  • Hawk SD Pads:

In Hawk’s lineup, SD pads are the most aggressive and aggressively designed. Do not install these pads unless you plan to haul or tow with a large load of gravel in the payload.

The Benefits of EBC Brake Pads

European brakes made by EBC play by a different set of rules. EBC was instead looking for every opportunity to create a new way of stopping people. 

Unlike other brake manufacturers, EBC makes pads and rotors alike. Hence, you know you will get good performance from both EBC brake pads and EBC brake rotors when you pair them together.

Please don’t hesitate to upgrade your EBC rotors and pads, as this doesn’t mean you need to do it all at once. Our replacement brake pads and discs directly replace your failing or flimsy OEM products – no cutting, no welding, no blowtorches required.

While finding the perfect set of EBC brakes for your ride, keep in mind that they come in a variety of strengths to handle everything from everyday commuting to mountain riding. 

And, on a daily driver, you don’t want to place race-ready brake pads. This is a quick run-down of EBC’s lineup.

The Benefits of EBC Brake Pads
  • EBC Ultimax Pads:

It is ideal for daily drivers to use Ultimax pads. The pads have a solid bite but are less aggressive than other EBC pads.

  • EBC Green Stuff Pads:

EBC’s most popular sport pads are Green Stuff, which gives a more spirited response when you’re braking.

  • EBC Red Stuff Pads:

Green pads are designed for cars with up to 200 horsepower, while Red Stuff pads are designed for trucks and SUVs with high weights.

  • EBC Yellow Stuff Pads:

Designed for high-speed street and strip rides, Yellow Stuff pads provide maximum performance.

Final Words

So, what do you think of the Hawk brake pads? Upon reading an EBC brake rotor review, and one or two Hawk LTS brake pads reviews, you’ll quickly learn that both brake manufacturers have satisfied customers. 

Then, which one would you choose? Both types of pads will instantly improve the performance of your ride over the existing ones. Additionally, you can find more information by reading brake pads reviews online. 

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