Best Brake Pad for BMW | Effortless Driving with Smoother Control

While most people enjoy a smooth fast ride, any experienced driver would tell you that stopping the vehicle accurately is far more important. Because while you are driving, even a matter of inches can spell the difference between life & death. A superior set of brake pads can be that difference.

Most often people tend to go for cheap brake pads. But you need to question yourself, are you willing to compromise between life & death for a few bucks? If you have the best brake pad for BMW, it will not only give you better-stopping power but also greater confidence in the road too.

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Selected Products for Best Brake Pad for BMW

Here we have come up with some of the top-notch brake pad for BMW in the market. Let’s go through their upsides & downsides to better understand what is suited for your vehicle.

Best Brake Pad for BMW

1. Bosch BP1042 QuietCast


If you are looking to invest in some good set of pads, then the Bosch BP1042 QuietCast premium semi-metallic disc brake pads are not to be ignored. Bosch has engineered these pads from premium materials so that your BMW has a great stopping power with quiet operation in the dusty roads.

Thanks to the semi-metallic materials, these brake pads have exceptional stopping power. On the other hand, the science behind the quiet operation lies inside the pre-attached rubber core shim. This rubber core is in between two layers of steel. This copper-free semi-metallic friction formula combination results in an increase in strength & lower noise.

If you have doubts about the science behind it, then you can rely on the test results that the experienced engineering team of Bosch has taken. The chamfers & slots would fit most of the other rotors throughout the automobile industry. Molded Shield Technology ensures that pads provide maximum stability. Synthetic lubricants are added to give your vehicle a complete brake job.


  • While doing light brakes, there are some squeaks at times.
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2. EBC Brakes FA630HH Double-H Series


If you want the best stopping force for your vehicle, then the EBC FA630HH are the ones to follow. These USA manufactured pads are constructed using sintered alloy copper to give your vehicle OEM pad performance for longer life.

The most significant feature for these brake pads is that they have the highest friction HH rating to deliver maximum stopping power. To reduce the heat transfer into the hydraulics there are stainless steel radiator plates fitted to the brake pads.

It has an overall unique double segment vented design that contributes to improving the brake performance as well as keeping the pads cool to prevent an overheat or fade. Stables steel is used in the construction to prevent any sort of corrosion like previous EBC brakes where they used iron powders on the pads.

With EBCs SB101C friction material you can only have an aggressive performance, but also a quiet operation on the roads. It eliminates any sort of sound regarding brake noise. These pads are an easy fit & very much effective on the roads.


  • More abrasive & wear out faster. 
  • You may also find higher dust with these brake pads.
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3. Akebono EUR681 Euro Ultra-Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad


Now we have come to the Original Equipment standard Akebono EURO Ultra-Premium ceramic rear brake pad set for seamless performance. These Ceramic brakes pads are engineered using vehicle-optimized friction formulations aimed to give you a quiet, noise-free ride. They also limit wheel dust whilst increasing the stopping power of your vehicle.

Being composed of the finest materials, Akebono shares your taste for the unique design of European automobiles. The harmonically dampened design makes noise control much easier. By eliminating any sort of vibration & harshness, you won’t face any squealing.

Akebono has engineered these brakes pad to give you the best performance on the unforgiving roads. With more than 75 years of experience, they have proven that their technology & design are truly unique & gives a consistent performance on a variety of driving conditions,


  • If your vehicle is a bit too heavy, then the braking power might vary.
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4. Power Sport Ceramic Brake Pads


This front-rear drill slot brake rotors kit is presented by Power Sport. They have a fine fitment for BMW 335xi, 335i, 335d. The total kit includes 8 ceramic brake pads & 4 performance rotors which together will give you better performance than the OEM ones.

No matter what driving condition you are in, these drilled & slotted brake rotors will give you the ultimate performance. The brake pads are designed in such a way that it will grab the slots of your rotors for better stopping power. Cross drilled holes take part in dissipating the heat to prevent any sort of vibrations.

Rust is always a concern with metallic brake pads, but with Power Sport ones, there is zinc plated silver to tackle rust. These go along great with your BMW, giving it a racecar-like look. You don’t need any sort of modification at all, they are very easy to install.


  • They do grind & make noises sometimes when you brake lightly.
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5. Power Stop K045 Rear Brake Kit & Z23 Evolution Ceramic Brake Pads


If you want your vehicle to thrive better then the traditional ceramic brake pads, then Power Stop Z23 is something you wouldn’t want to miss. This carbon fiber ceramic built compound is bound to enhance the stopping power of your vehicle. You don’t need to sacrifice your drivability to have the best braking power.

The rear brake kit & the ceramic brake pads along with upgraded stainless steel hardware, new pin bushings & high-temperature brake lubricants are all that your vehicle needs to give you the best performance on the road. The shims are dual-layered rubberized to tackle high temperatures which result in silent braking.

Even 3rd part tests have been conducted in Los Angeles that shows a staggering 30% less dust produced than the traditional brake pads. Drilled & slotted designs are present to give maximum heat dissipations. Zinc plating is also present in order to tackle rust.

You don’t need any modifications at all due to the bolt-on upgrade. The level of hardware engineered by Power Stop is certainly praiseworthy as they show significant results on the road.


  • There are some compatibility issues for some BMW models.
  • You may need professional help to install it.
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6. Power Stop 17-1561, Z17 Front Ceramic Brake Pads


Our next candidate for the best brake pad for BMW is from Power Stop. This unit is different from the previous one as this one has only the ceramic brake pads with hardware. But they do use the unique low dust formula of their engineering expertise to keep your wheels neat & clean.

They have added premium double-layered rubberized shims to give you a noise-free braking experience. The chamfered and slotted design is also present to address the same matter. The brake pads surfaces are thermal scorched for a fast break-in. With the Z17 evolution brake pads, you are introduced to a smooth quiet driving world.

Carbon fiber formulation gives these brake pads the ultimate stopping power exceeding the OE specifications. Stainless steel hardware & pin bushing kit helps in giving an easy installation for the brake pads. Power Stop has designed these brake pads for shorter break-in & giving you a better than OE performance.


  • Installation might be a bit complicated. So professional help is advised.
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7. Bosch BP918 QuietCast Premium Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pads


Last but not least, we have Bosch BP918 Quietcast to end our finest brake bad hunt. Bosch has been around this area for more than 70 years. So their dedicated engineering team has developed a unique semi-metallic brake pad with premium materials to ensure proper performance.

These disc brake pads are equipped with the industry’s pre-attached rubber core shim. This rubber core shim is then heat and pressure cured between two layers of steel. The result of the formulation gives the brake pads the highest quality of bonding for superior performance.

Not only does the Quietcast produce a noiseless drive for you, but they have also given hard work on the Modled Shim Technology(MST). MST technology ensures you have maximum stability throughout the brake pads lifetime.

Bosch R&D network has tested all friction materials & formulations to ensure you exceed OE components and systems. They ensure that your vehicle is equipped with exceptional stopping power. You are able to enjoy a quiet operation with low dust driving keeping the wheels clean.


  • Some have felt the brake pads are not as strong as the OEM ones.
  • They require more pressure to stop the vehicle than others.
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Best Brake Pad for BMW Review

Q: How long do brake pads usually last?

Ans: If we are talking about traditional brake pads with OEM standards, then you could expect at least 50,000 miles from them. This factor actually depends on how much you are using your brakes. In the busy city roads, you need to stop more often. So the brake pads wear out faster.

Q: What are some clear signs that my brake pads need replacing?

Ans: The most common sign to know that your brake pads have worn out is that you will experience squeaking noises while braking. Your brakes are also bound to respond slowly. Vibrations also occur when you press down the brake pedal.

Q: Should I replace my front & rear brake pads at the same time?

Ans: You should replace them in pairs; not all at the same time. Brake pads have a different wearing rate, especially because the front pads do most of the work. So that’s why they wear out faster. It’s better to replace it in sets if you see them worn out.


No matter how fancy or expensive your BMW is, it’s no good if you don’t have a good pair of brake pads. Even though we have put out all the details possible for you to choose from, you might find it hard as all these brake pads are significant in their own way. That’s why we’re here with our expert opinion on the best brake pad for BMW.

If we were in your shoes, then the Power Sport Ceramic Brake Pads would have been an ideal choice due to its overall package as a braking system. If you are looking for a quiet ride with decent performance, the Bosch BP1042 QuietCastwill do the trick. Power Stop K045 is also a superb brake pad for your BMW vehicle.

No matter what type of brake pad you choose, just make sure that they cover your needs perfectly. If you’re looking to get more stopping power or quieter ride, then go for those specifications. 

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