Top 7 Best Brake Pads for Car Review

If you are someone who loves his car as much as I do, then it is likely that you try to maintain it well and keep it cleaned regularly. However, at the end of the day, it is just a machine. And no matter how well you take care of it, sometimes parts just get bad, which needs replacing.

Brake pads are one such part that should be replaced as soon as you notice any issues. Without this crucial component, you will not be able to stop the car when in motion, and that can lead to some serious accidents. This component always needs to be checked regularly and kept clean and functional.

With proper care, a brake pad can last a long time. In some cases, they can also be repaired. But what do you do when there is no way of fixing it?

You need to go out, get a new one that suits your model of the vehicle, and get it replaced by professionals. Finding the perfect brake pad for your car, however, is a whole other question.

To help you find the best brake pads for your car, we will take a look at some of the best products that you can buy so that you do not have any regrets in your final purchase.

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Best Brake Pads for Cars Review

Finding the best brake pads for your car can be challenging for a casual driver. Even if you know everything about your vehicle, brake pads are something you do not mess around with too often.

To help make the process of finding the best device easier, here is our list for the seven best brake pads for cars that you can buy.

1. Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

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For safe driving, it is imperative that one’s car has excellent brake pads. If you are looking for some, we think Bosch’s QuietCast will not disappoint. These pads are famous for their impeccable performance and quality.

This platform-specific disk pad’s chemical formula makes it, and the rotor lasts long. This formula creates a protective transfer layer on the surface of the pad and rotor so that you don’t have to change your pad anytime soon.

Due to advanced ceramic and semi-metallic friction formula, these pads are sturdy and quick to respond. These contain the aerospace aluminum-based alloy. Moreover, Bosch’s QuietCast complies with the 2025 Copper-Free Legislation.

This product contains rubber core shim, which further increases the product’s durability. The rubber and the powder-coated backing plate increases sturdiness and decreases rusting.

This item comes with high-quality slots and chamfers for efficacy. You also get a hardware kit and synthetic lubricant. This feature enables you to assemble everything with precision. These pads are manufactured to create a low dust level.

The product is designed for quiet performance. It has an OE-style shim, which consists of five layers, coating, steel, rubber, steel again, and adhesive. Its functionality seems to suggest it to be one of the best brake pads obtainable.

Highlighted Features

  • The product has high stopping power
  • It has an OE-style rubber core shim and a protective transfer layer for durability
  • It comes with necessary features for an easy set-up
  • It ensures low dust and quiet performance

2. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC465A Ceramic Disc Pad Set with Installation Hardware

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Wagner is a big name in the field of brake pads thanks to the top-notch quality of products. Advanced engineering accounting for its incredible performance and power, the ThermoQuiet ceramic disc pad is no exception. Among all brake pads out there, this one is worth a try.

Does it bother you if it squeaks every time you hit the brakes? Then this product might be worth your time. Its IMI or Integrally Molded Insulator makes it 35% less noisy than others as it dispels vibration and heat.

Because this product is made of ceramic, it ensures longevity and tolerance to high temperatures. If you consider this, the product is rather inexpensive. Also, it offers smooth operation and keeps your rotor in good shape by causing less corrosion.

Using Wagner OE21 low copper technology and exclusive friction formulation makes the pads powerful and causes less dust. These will give you 15% more stopping power than traditional brake pads.

We also recommend this product if convenience is your thing. The disc pads come with clips and are easy to set up. After you install, it takes little to no time for them to break in. These quickly adapt to all kinds of driving conditions.

Highlighted Features

  • The product includes Integrally Molded Insulator to dispel vibration and heat all over the pad
  • It complies with various driving conditions
  • It has high stopping ability and produces less sound
  • It integrates sophisticated technology to help maintain the rotor’s durability

3. Akebono ACT787 ProACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pad Set

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Are you looking for safe brake pads of high quality? Then look no further than Akebono ProACT Brake Pad set; because this might be one of the best brake pads sets you can get with a specialty in these specific areas.

The proprietary ceramic formulations used by Akebano for this product contributes to noise reduction; this means that vibration and squealing are going to be taken care of. It will do the job when you want the tool to be quiet.

These brake pads last long as they do not corrode easily. It gives you fantastic performance for a good long while and decreases the number of brake pad changes one might need; so, it actually saves you money.

Akebono thrives in achieving OE quality, which lets this product be a perfect fit for a vehicle. There are more than 400 kinds of pads to choose from. The formulation of this brake pad set gives it an astounding stopping power in various driving situations.

This model of Akebono brake pads offers low dusting to keep your wheels cleaner. Also, it does not need time to break into the rotor so that you can avoid sloppy initial performances as well as keeping your rotor from wearing out soon.

Highlighted Features

  • This brake pad set is a high-quality, durable one
  • The product ensures reliable stopping power in different driving conditions
  • It offers OE quality without requiring time for break-in
  • It gives quieter performances and accumulates less dust to keep the wheel clean

4. ACDelco 17D1367CH Professional Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad Set

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If you are looking to replace your worn-out brake pads, we suggest ACDelco Front Disc Brake Pad Set as it is about as original as they come. It appears to be one of the best brake pads for a car with its superior design and formulation.

These brake pads make sure that you get as much satisfaction as possible driving your vehicle. As millions of ACDelco parts are used every year in GM vehicles, the company offers you GM OE so that you get maximum functionality out of your car.

When it comes to safety, this product has got your back. With its ceramic, semi-metallic, and organic formula, it powers through a myriad of vehicle usages, all the while maintaining reliability, keeping you secure.

This machine is pretty quiet and productive, which utilizes its premium slots, chamfers, and shim. It has also been examined by SAE J2784 for NVH (Noise/vibration/harshness) and braking efficiency. So, there is no compromise in quality.

These brake pads are integrally molded, which ensures bond integrity. Because the product has stamped backing plates, it moves along nicely within the caliper assembly, enabling less noise production. This feature also prevents it from rusting quickly.

Highlighted Features

  • This product highly reliable
  • The brake pad is perfect for replacing the original ones for its GM OE quality
  • It is integrally molded and contains stamped backing plates.
  • It is tested by SAE J2784 standards for NVH, durability, braking efficiency, and wear

5. EBC Brakes FA409HH Disc Brake Pad Set

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There are loads of sturdy brake pads out there, but few, if any, are useful as EBC Disc Brake Pads. So, should you pick these, it is hardly unlikely that you would be disappointed.

This product is famous for its stopping power. It has an HH-rated friction power, which is as high as it can get, making this almost untouchable by its counterparts in performance. Moreover, it is compliant with ECE R 90 brake safety.

Brake pads do not need to be noisy. EBC disc brake pads include stainless steel radiator plates, which reduce transmission of heat into bike hydraulics. This cooling is essential as it dampens noise.

These pads are built by utilizing aluminum or steel platforms consisting of bonded brake linings and include lead-in and lead-out chamfers in the lining ends. But to avoid causing harm to health and environment, the pads do not have asbestos linings.

EBC Disc Brake Pads are fully sintered for original fit, which makes them durable and dependable. These also come with OE-style brake shoe springs. All the shoes being radius ground and edge-trimmed, you get a high-class product.

These guys were made to endure any riding condition. Due to fine ingredients, the lifetime is twice as much as organic shoes. So, these let you ride thousands of miles.

Highlighted Features

  • The shoes offer amazing quality
  • The product is compliant with all driving conditions; hot, cold, dry, or wet
  • It has a Double-H rated friction power
  • It has lead-in and lead-out chamfers and non-asbestos linings

6. (4) Club Car Brake Shoes (1995-up) DS and Precedent Golf Cart

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Got a club car or a golf cart? Cool! But it is a bummer if your brakes are not working well enough. If so, you need to figure out what is wrong in there as fast as possible; maybe it’s your brake shoes?

All brake shoes fail sooner or later, depending on their structure and condition as they wear out by friction. Then you have to replace them with new ones for safety, but which ones? We recommend you try Club Car Brake Shoes B00711DHUG for this.

You need to make sure whether the brake shoes are compatible with your cart. If it is a precedent golf cart or club car DS 1995+, then these can be utilized to remarkable results. The shoes come in a set of four, half of which are short, and the rest are long.

Reliability is a must in a braking system. The club car brake shoes we are talking about are popular for its fit and function, which enables these guys to work perfectly after you assemble them.

Not every nice thing is costly, such as this set of club car brake shoes. Despite its efficiency, the price is extremely reasonable. Granted, the set is one of the most popular brake shoes in the market.

Highlighted Features

  • The product is highly competent
  • It fits in club cars DS 1995 or up as well as precedent golf carts
  • The set contains four shoes in total
  • It is a very cost-efficient item

7. Bosch BP976 QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pad Set For: Lexus GX460, GX470

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Bosch’s products are a testament to the company’s innovative streak. If you are looking to replace your current brake pads with something that requires no hassle, their QuietCast Premium Brake Pad Set might be worth your time.

Quiet performance is one of the best attributes that make this item popular. The pads have a five-layered shim, which creates an integrally molded unit. This gives stability to your pads and offers a quiet operation each time.

It already sucks having to clean your wheels every once in a while; more dust makes the job harder. But these brake pads offer low dusting to help in the process. They also come with a lubricant and a hardware kit so that you can easily maintain and set up the product.

Due to their exclusive aluminum-based alloy as well as consisting of first-class slots and chamfers, Bosch Premium Brake pads ensure efficiency in use. These are made using advanced semi-metallic and ceramic friction formula, which lets the car stop quickly.

The brake pads do not corrode easily, thanks to their powder-coated backing plate. The product is made strong and durable with its rubber core shim. Plus, it abides by the 2025 Copper-Free Legislation.

These handy brake pads are built to last, and they help your rotor’s longevity too; the pads’ chemical formulation facilitates it as it forms a protective transfer layer.

Highlighted Features

  • The product is easy to install
  • It comes with a hardware kit and a synthetic lubricant
  • This tool is powerful with high endurance
  • It is not noisy

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Brake Pad for Your Car

Now that you have gone through our list of products, you should have a clear idea of which models you should opt for. However, there are a lot of factors that should contribute to your final decision. Not every brake pad will serve you best despite its price and excellence.

To help you in this dilemma, the following section of the article will focus on some aspects of a brake pad that will help you decide which one to get for your car. So, without further ado, let us dive in.

Choosing the Right Type

The first step to buying the right brake pad is choosing the right type. There are a few different types that you can choose from, and you need to know about them to figure out which one you need. But the two most common variants are Ceramic and Semi-metallic brake pads.

Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

This type of brake pads uses a combination of metal and non-metal in its construction. The percentage of metal elements may range from 30 to up to 60 percent. It may contain iron, steel, or in some cases, even copper. But there are also some organic filters to hold it all in place.

This type of pads is great for bigger vehicles such as trucks and RVs. They are durable and can handle extreme weather conditions relatively well. It also has a greater heat tolerance, so overheating is rare with this type of unit. However, they can be quite noisy and dusty.

Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic brake pads are newer, more modern brake pads that you can buy and built with thick and dense ceramic. However, there are many health and environmental issues regarding this type of unit.

For this reason, it might be banned by the year 2025. So, if you are conscious about the environment, you would be better off staying away from this type of brake pads.

Ceramic brake pads offer great performance under normal weather conditions when driving on a normal road in the city. It is quieter and does not cause too much strain on the rotors. When it comes to durability, it can also stand its own for a long while. But this device cannot perform well under rough conditions.

Low-Metallic Brake Pads

Low-metallic brake pads perform well in stopping a vehicle. However, over time, they may get too noisy to handle. They are not as popular as the other two types mentioned above.

Organic Brake Pads

Organic brake pads are the least expensive of them all but not very popular. They tend to wear out quickly, so not many people opt to go for it.


The next thing on our checklist is to see the compatibility of the device with the model of your car. It is a step that needs to be taken seriously as automobile parts tend to go out of date quickly. You need to check the model of your car and the year it was made and crosscheck that with the device of your liking.

Two cars of two different years will feature different parts inside them. A car part of the 2013 model will not always fit a car made in 2014. So, give some attention to this step if you want a functional brake pad. A brake pad is not a universal fit, and you should not make the mistake of skipping this step.


This step is somewhat complicated to figure out but also important, nonetheless. Brake pads come in various thicknesses, and the thicker it is, the longer it will last. Naturally, brake pads wear down with use. With a thicker unit, it will take a longer time to wear down until it needs replacing.

But you cannot just go out and buy the thickest unit possible. You need to make sure that it fits your vehicle and can function properly. Finding the right balance between thickness and the fit is crucial to you ending up with the best item in your car.


The same way you balance out thickness and fit, you need to also balance out your budget and expectation. There are thousands of different products that you can buy in a wide range of prices. But that does not mean you cannot find a good product if your budget is low.

You need to do some research when it comes to finding the best budget unit. All the products in our review are affordable and will serve you well without breaking your bank. However, it is important to manage your expectations when you are trying to save cost.

Ease of Installation

Finally, you would want a device that is easy to install. Although you will most likely get it fit by a professional, it is good to know that they do not have to tinker around in your vehicle for too long. If your brake pad is easy to install, you will not have to spend too long in the repair shop.

Also, make sure you get a complete kit that comes with all the tools necessary to make adjustments. Having everything in a bundle ensures that the installation process would go as smoothly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many sets of brake pads are there in a car?

There are usually two sets of brake pads in a car: one in the front of the car and one set at the back.

2. How long do brake pads last?

Brake pads are usually quite durable, and even when they wear down, it can be fixed to some extent. Typically, a set of brake pads should be replaced once the mileage exceeds 50000 miles.

3. Is a ceramic pad better than semi-metallic brake pads?

Not necessarily. It depends on where you are taking your car. In general, a ceramic pad is better for roads and freeways, but when it comes to rough terrains, semi-metallic pads are superior.

4. What does a brake pad do?

A brake pad is a part of the braking system of your vehicle. The entire system contains a brake caliper that has two pads attached to it and a rotor.

The edge of the rotor is placed in the middle of the caliper, and the pads on each side of the caliper squeeze against it when you press on the brake. So, the main job of the brake pad is to stop the spinning wheels by squeezing against the brake calipers.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found this article on the best brake pads for your car informative and helpful. Now, you do not have to worry if the brake in your car wears down since you can go out and get the best one for yourself.

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