Top 5 Brake Pads for Mercedes Review

The German automotive industry is one of the most well recognized and well-reputed automotive manufacturers on the planet. Producing, stellar quality vehicles that have been bumped up a step, in performance and luxury.

Mercedes is no exception to this, with a name that’s known worldwide for similar qualities. Having a Mercedes is considered a show of class in some countries; however, it would be very demeaning if you were driving around in a car with screeching brakes.

You may consider buying a set of brake pads for Mercedes to give you a car to boast about, rather than leaving yourself embarrassed. A car this beautiful, and this expensive requires its own special treatment.

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Brake Pads for Mercedes Review

You want to buy what is best for your car, and in terms of brake pads using the top of the line, products are necessary. Which is why we’ve come with a list to help you select the right braking system for your Mercedes.

1. Bosch BP847 QuietCast Premium Front Disc Brake Pad Set

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The BP847 is a specialized braking system, developed mainly for Sedans from Mercedes. The large surface area of the disc allows for better gripping of the rotors; this gives the car a much quicker stopping time than other brake pads. Moreover, the chamfered edges add on to give stable and soundless braking.

Talking about soundless, the brake pads use a rubber core shimming; these shims are encased within two steel plates. The rubber casing allows for better absorption of sound, canceling out any noise produced while the steel plates give the pads extra strength while keeping them resistant to corrosion.

With friction pads that are made using the highest quality materials, a semi-metallic mold consisting of patented use of aerospace-grade aluminum. These materials produce the lowest amount of dust. Thus, lowering wear off rates improving their longevity.

Moreover, these friction pads are made completely copper-free, keeping to the 2025 copper-free legislations. So, the car you’ll be driving will be environmentally friendly. 

This specific model also comes with a sensor system that lets the brake pads connect with the car’s electronic system. Letting you know about any problems with the pads before they permanently damage your car with justifiable pricing that gives you value for money, paying off in the long run.

Highlighted Features

  • Sensor system
  • Large Chamfered Friction Pads
  • Semi-Metallic pads using aluminum alloy
  • Soundless operation
  • OEM fitting for better performance

2. Bosch BC1122 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Rear Disc Brake Pads

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With rear disc brakes, size isn’t extremely important, since the brakes only take on 30 percent of the car’s braking pressure. Meaning a medium-sized brake pad would be efficient; however, since you are using smaller pads, there are a few things you need to make sure: such as the material being used and the pads longevity.

These are just a few things that the BC1122 excels in, using a careful selection of materials and the patented inclusion of aluminum alloy. A mix of very high-quality materials, making a friction pad whose quality is unmatched. These pads are made to withhold the worst of the situation, working without a hitch even at high temperatures.

Even then, Mercedes and Bosch together let you know the situation of your brakes, done using sensors to connect with the cars ECU. The ECU is fed with all the information, that gives you a fair warning before anything serious takes place.

What gives the brake pads their name are the rubber encased shims included on the back of the friction pad. These shims take in the brunt of the force; the rubber absorbs all the sound produced while braking, producing almost soundless braking.

Additionally, this quietness is matched with an increase in strength of the pads and an improvement to their corrosion resistance. Being smaller in size is also an advantage when it comes to pricing, with prices lower than $45, it’ll be very difficult to find a better deal.

Highlighted Features

  • Specifically designed for performance cars.
  • Sensor system included
  • High-quality friction materials
  • Value for money
  • Environmentally friendly

3. Bosch BC1340 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad Set 

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One of the most expensive braking pad sets from Bosch, hitting a price range that is charged for most OEM products. However, the high price charged for these pads is clearly justifiable considering their massive size. Meant mainly for their high performing AMG series, these cars will need all the braking power they can get.

With a large surface area, these front braking pads already provide a great amount of friction force to help improve stopping time. However, to add to this, you additionally get the premium quality materials being used on the friction pad. These deadly combinations of material and size are what helps save lives.

The pads are slotted and chamfered; this allows better gripping of the rotors, further improving the braking system and allowing for precision braking. And what’s great is you’ll be doing this without producing almost any dust — making the brakes environmentally friendly.

All this friction that is created is likely to heat up the rotors, which would normally glaze off the friction pads, causing your braking system to malfunction. However, in this case, a protective layering is added between the pads and the rotors, which keeps all the benefits of high-friction braking, without glazing.

Moreover, since these pads are made using OEM style size and features, they’ll always give you a perfect fitting. Taking off a burden from your mind, since you don’t have to worry about unwanted wobbling and vibrations anymore, which could have led to serious problems.

Highlighted Features

  • Copper-free materials
  • Semi-metallic make up
  • OEM fitting and features
  • Large surface area
  • Rubber core shimming
  • Soundless operation

4. Bosch BE760H Blue Front Disc Brake Pads Set

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One of the cheaper fixes from Bosch, this is where value-based prices really come into play. Bosch isn’t known to deliver anything with subpar quality, and the same is applied in this matter. They may not be as quiet as the QuietCast. However, they still perform remarkably well.

There’s also the plus point that this series from Bosch is only meant for older cars in Mercedes’s product line. A perfect match since the older models don’t support an engine that requires an expensive state of the art brakes. Moreover, it’s important to keep in mind that finding an OEM match for such old models can be very difficult.

The friction pad comprises of advanced materials; these include NAO-ceramic and semi-metallic formulas. A combination of both helps improve your car’s stopping time significantly. Regardless of how old cars these pads serve, they still keep to the copper-free regulations, improving the environment.

 Furthermore, the pads are coated using a rust-inhibiting solution, preventing any form of rust from developing. The main cause of which can be the rain, or the lack of attention paid to the car while drying it off. Giving you a sense of insurance, that the brake pads won’t break down while on the road.

Like most other Mercedes cars, these older ones also include the ability to attach sensors to the braking pads. Keeping you on the watch, as the ECU on your cars let you know before any fatal problem should occur.

Highlighted Features

  • Sensors included so you can choose better
  • Rust inhibition Solution
  • OE style fitting 
  • Come with slots and Chamfers
  • NAO-ceramic and semi-metallic materials.

5. Bosch BC1341 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Rear Brake Pads Set

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The BC1341’s designed mainly for Mercedes’s top of the line cars, the power-hungry ones. Most of these cars can go from 0-60mph in less than 5secs, taking up braking to the highest of priorities. These cars don’t only need quick braking; they need precision as well to make sure the brakes are locking in at the right time.

Using a mixture of aerospace alloys and other materials on the brakes makes for efficient braking. These friction pads don’t only brake extremely well, they’re also fairly resistant to heat, so glazing isn’t something you should be worried about. So, keep in mind once you buy these pads, you’ll be stuck with them for quite a while.

Being 100% copper-free makes the pads great for the environment, as you’re not allowing copper dust to flow into the streams, polluting and harming its ecosystem. You’ll also be keeping with the 2025 copper regulation, so you don’t have to worry about breaking any law.

These pads don’t use any ordinary shims, the ones included have a layer of rubber encased between two metal plates, the rubber acts as a great absorbing agent taking, helping drown out any sounds being produced by the brakes. Moreover, they help make the pads stronger and much more resistant to corrosion.

Furthermore, the pads are OEM certified; this will give you the best fitting even when the product is coming from a third party. However, you are matched with a price that somewhat matches that of the OEM, making this series a bit expensive compared to other third parties in the market.

Highlighted Features

  • Quality slotting and chamfering 
  • The protective layer on the pads 
  • Premium quality materials
  • Patented aluminum aerospace alloy 
  • Innovative shimming 

Frequently Asked Questions

brake pads for marcedeas

1. How long do brake pads last?

The answer to this will require some personal input; your brake pads longevity will be dependent on how you use your car. With rough use, the pads should manage around 30000kms; however, with normal use, they can keep going for 70000kms.

2. What is brake fade?

Brake pads use friction to help get your car to a stop, the by-product of which is energy this energy heats up the rotors and can go over 200 degrees Celsius. Once this hot, the pads become glazed, this may cause them to malfunction as the friction plates smoothen out.

3. Will bigger pads improve stopping time?

A bigger pad on your brake, means the brakes are being applied on a greater surface area. This makes for the creation of greater friction, thus allowing quicker braking, improving your stopping time.


Brake pads for Mercedes can be considered at the top of the priority scale; these expensive high-powered cars need a way to stop. So, put in the time, do the research and find the brakes that’ll keep you and your car in one piece.

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