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Honda Accord has been on the top of the list when it comes to Sedans, and that too for a while now. Its athletic look couldn’t possibly keep it lasting, it’s balanced ride and the light steering is what kept it surviving. That lavish interior furnishing will all be for not without a proper braking system.

The brake is the leash for your car, without it, you almost have no control over it. Well, you still get to decide which way it’ll go but you won’t be able to stop it. Brake rotors are one of the three pillars that keep a brake system up and running. The best brake rotors for Honda Accord are not that hard to find. But it’s hard to be calling it the best. Let’s talk.

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Some Of The Best Brake Rotors For Honda Accord

Picking up the best one is surely a painstaking task, especially when it’s an automobile part. However, with our expertise and experiences, we’ve hand-picked and reviewed some of the thriving brake rotors that fit in your Honda Accord. 

Best Brake Rotors for Honda Accord

1. Bosch 26010731 Quiet Cast Premium Disc Brake Rotor

Why this?

Experience counts! A long term experience of Bosch in the spare parts business has made us place their product on the very top. Bosch manufactures a wide range of brake rotors that offers great versatility. All of those are not a good match for your vehicle. But this one is crafted especially and can be a good pick for your 1998-2012 Accord.

The front and rear rotors are crafted separately with some basic design changes. But to achieve the rugged performance, top-notch metal is used. On top of that, these rotors are covered with anti-rust coating.

A combination of two metals (aluminum and zinc) is chosen to prepare a clear coating. This coating, alternatively known as Alutherm 80 not only prevents corrosion but also gives a shiny look.

Another necessary feature for a brake rotor is its heat dissipation system. It allows the intent heat to be free in the air and consequently make the adjoining parts cool down. To facilitate this process this rotor has got highly effective OEM style vane configuration. Less heating ultimately translates into the longevity of the rotor.

The apparent benefit of that efficient heat management is less vibration and noise. You don’t need to encounter a tiresome metal rattling every time you brake. Besides, precisely balanced configuration helps the rotor to be stabilized and further reduce noise.

Even wear of the rotor is ensured by G3000 heat-flowed casting. This brilliant engineering increases longevity.


  • No glitch is observed so far.
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2. ACDelco 18A1095A Advantage Non-Coated Front Disc Brake Rotor

Why this?

Here comes another rotor that can blow your mind! Like the previous one, ACDelco is not a newcomer in this business. They also have a series of brake rotors. Among them, we have chosen ACDelco 18A1095A for your Accord. 

The very first feature to be noticed in this rotor is its built materials. The manufacturer has shown great expertise and didn’t craft the rotor only using single metal. A controlled mixture of multiple metals is used to form this rotor. This technique prevents rusting effectively and also increase braking efficiency.

You may have noticed that some vehicles use extra weights on their rotors to boost their braking power. Those loads on the rotors create extra drag needed for the breaking. But in this case, the rotor is perfectly balanced and pays equal load in all directions. That’s why no additional load is needed which ultimately reduces the weight of the vehicle.

The thickness of the rotor plate directly contributes to the braking action by providing an effective surface area. As this thickness requirement varies from vehicle to vehicle, this is an important parameter to be acknowledged.

The manufacture has shown excellency in metallurgy and maintained the correct thickness of the rotor.

The perfectly rounded design of the rotor ensures effortless smooth braking. It also increases the longevity of the rotor by creating an opportunity for even wearing. Besides, unwanted vibration and metal rattling are also mitigated. 


  • No additional anti-rust coating on the rotor.
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3. Wagner BD125669E Premium E-Coated Brake Rotor

Why this?

After a non-coated rotor, let’s move on to an effectively coated one. Wagner BD125669E comes with a very distinguishable anti-rust coating and can be a good companion in the long run. Besides, it matches all the requirements to be fitted in an Accord.

As you know, proper management of heat is important for effective braking.      A reliving fact of the rotor is that it is made by following the OE style. That’s why it features an intelligent and reliable heat dissipation system. Less vibration and pedal pulsation are felt due to this heat management. As an apparent result, less noise has to be encountered.

On the non-breaking surface, E-shielded coating is applied. Though these surfaces don’t wear due to breaking, they are subjected to water and humid. That’s why rusting is a common problem for those. But this protective coating maintains the original quality by not letting the rust to be bounded on those surfaces.

A smooth finish is ensured on the open surfaces to increase the braking power. This smooth finishing also helps the breaking pads to make enough friction to brake but with minimum wear.

Besides, vibration and noise are mitigated for a long period. The perfectly rounded surface gives proper balance and increases braking efficiency.

The installation time of this rotor is reduced by pre-oiling. The manufacturer oils the rotor properly and then pack it in a vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) bag that protects the rotor from rusting during the transportation and storage phase. You can directly install this into your vehicle without further oiling.


  • The entire surface is not coated with E-coating.
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4. Centric 120.40068 Premium Brake Rotor

Why this?

Centric 120.40068 is another rotor with premium features and can directly challenge the previously reviewed one. This rotor also can be fitted under your Accord.

The first feature that will draw attention is its build materials. This rotor is a great piece of engineering, especially when the metallurgy is concerned. It’s a high carbon rotor with proper integration of other metals. For this composition, this rotor can effectively dissipate heat and bear heavy breaking load. Besides, pad squeal is also reduced effectively.

During a braking event, heat is trapped on the rotor surface. But effective heat dissipation is ensured by its central split-core castings. This type of heat management is considered highly effective even facing higher friction. As the heat is eradicated effectively, less vibration and noise is created.

Smooth finish on the open surfaces is ensured by using hi-tech machinery. This ensures a smooth breaking by allowing the break-pads to create even friction on the rotor. Moreover, this helps to counter additional vibration and paddle pulsation.

If you’re tired with metal rattling during breaking and want a pause from it, this rotor gives you good news. A smoother and quieter stop is achieved by the double disk ground. This technique along with the previously mentioned ones can prove highly effective for a comfortable stop.

A proper anti-rust coating is given to continue its fight against corrosion. This coating is black colored and can be a good companion for increasing looks of modern open wheels.   


  • Comes at a slightly higher price. 
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5. ACDelco 18A912A Advantage Non-Coated Front Disc Brake Rotor

Why this?

Another ACDelco product has made its place here. Like the previous one, it can be a smart add in your Honda Accord. Though some of the features are more or less repetitive, why not go for the extras it provides?

Following the trend, the manufacturer crafts front and rear wheel rotors in separate designs. As for the front rotor, they have used multiple materials to achieve targeted quality. This technique has a great impact on the rotor and enables it to endure high friction breaking.

The perfectly rounded and polished surfaces ensure proper balance and give an effective stop. The brake pads can slide on the rotor’s free surface without facing uneven scars. This is highly beneficial for the rotor and the brake pads as they wear evenly. Thus longer service life is achieved.

The vanes on the rotor surface give proper heat dissipation during a braking operation. That’s why less vibration and noise have to be encountered. Besides, the harshness of the brake is mitigated and thus metal scratching is mitigated. The perfectly rounded shape of the rotor helps a lot is this process.   


  • No anti-rust coating is added.
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6. Autospecialty KOE1043 OE Replacement Brake Kit

Why this?

Autospecialty is comparatively new in this business but has been attracting a lot of buzzes. They have launched a series of quality auto parts and trying to dominate the market with newer technologies. They have this special rotor in their arsenal that can match the OE standard.

The first thing to be noticed is that it’s a brake kit, not just a single rotor. This pack includes rotors, brake pads, shims, and lubricating oil. It means you get a one-stop solution in a box. It’s certainly a great pleasure to brake updates. Front and rear rotors are specialized and can be picked up separately.

As you know, the manufacturer has followed the OE standard to craft these parts. Moreover, you can get some extras from this set. One of them is a dedicated mechanism for reducing dust. As you brake, you may have noticed brake dust on the wheel which is not good for the brake kit. But the ‘Z17 Evolution Clean Ride ceramic formula’ is used in this kit to mitigate this dust for longer service life.

Rotor surface is made smooth and non-directional to ensure that the brake pads can easily grip over the surface. Thus the vibration is lessened and the balance of the brake is preserved. This results in a noise-free quick stop.

The G3000 casting rotors are helpful to maintain the balance and lessen the heat. That’s why the heat is efficiently dissipated through the vanes and the entire brake kit can perform in sync. 


  • It’s hard to install the clips in the kit.
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7. Bosch 26010736 Quiet Cast Premium Disc Brake Rotor

Why this?

If you’re a Bosch fan, we’ve got a budget-friendly one at the end of this exhilarating list. This Bosch rotor can easily be fitted in your 2003-2007 Accord and can demonstrate its quality performance.

Smoother operation is the topmost priority for this rotor. They’ve tried everything to make it as quiet as possible. That’s why this rotor has an effective heat dissipation system.

The vanes meet OEM standards and allow the trapped heat to be dissipated quickly. This technique reduces the stress on the rotor and also gives less vibration. Like the previous one, G3000 casting is there to make the heat flow effectively and escape fast. 

Anti-rust coating is given to protect the rotor from corrosion and also preserve the effectiveness in the long run. Like the previous Bosch rotor, Alutherm 80 (aluminum and zinc combined clear coating) is given. This coating also increases the appeal of a modern open-wheel.

Another notable entry is the ABS tone ring. This one is responsible for a smoother brake and is considered for reducing the vibration. Thus this rotor achieves an effective yet quiet stopping power. 


  • The coating can turn dark quickly.
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Best Brake Rotors for Honda Accord Review


Q: Is it necessary to clean the new rotors before use?

Ans: Some manufacturers don’t use VCI bags to wrap their products. As a result, the rotor collects some dirt and moisture which can cause rust. Those rotors need to be cleaned before use. But if you can’t notice any dust or something like that you can skip the cleaning and directly fit it. 

Q: Is greasing necessary?

Ans: Of course, you need to apply grease on the surfaces that come into the direct contact of the rotor during braking. Besides, you need to grease the rotor surface so that the brake pads can easily and smoothly grip it. Besides, proper lubrication is required to lessen the heat trap.

Q: Should I change the brake pads and brake oil?

Ans: Brake pads continuously wear and are needed to be changed after a certain time. As you are dismantling the wheel assembly to change the brake, it’s wise to change the brake pads also. Besides, it increases the longevity of the newly installed rotor. But if you’ve changed the brake fluid recently and it still works for you, it’s okay to keep it.    

Bottom Line

After going through so many fascinating rotors, you may be in a quixotic state. This sweet dilemma is nothing new. Though all the rotors are praiseworthy for their specific usages, there’s something in between that can serve the very purpose efficiently. Let’s have a glance at our editors’ pick to hit the goal quickly.

If you’re considering a whole upgrade of the brake, you can check Autospecialty KOE1043 OE Replacement Brake Kit for better sync. But if you’re up to budget-friendly yet high-quality rotor to serve daily commute purposes, you can try Bosch 26010736 Quiet Cast rotor. 

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