Top 5 Brake Pads for Honda CRV Review

The importance of having a great brake pad is indispensable. Brake pads can improve the entire braking system or ruin it. They can cause accidents or even prevent them. So, as we can see, you and your car deserve simply the best.

Thus, we’ve put together a list of the best brake pads for Honda CRV while keeping in mind your safety as well as demands from your braking system.

In addition to a list of recommendations, you will also find a section answering some frequently asked questions about brakes pads and related parts.

Together, we hope the article helps you identify the correct brake pad for your needs and helps you get the replacement job done too!

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Brake Pads for Honda CRV Review

Confused by the innumerable options on the market? Fret not! We have put together a list of some of the highest performing brake pads for your CRV. While making this list, we’ve kept in mind the price level, durability, performance, and user satisfaction.

1. Bosch BC1089 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

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Ceramic brake pads are perhaps the most popular type of pads in the market owing to its performance. In addition to being extremely durable, it offers noiseless operation along with great stopping power. Being copper-free makes the brake pads environmentally friendly.

However, the absence of copper does not reduce the heat conductivity of the brake pads. They heat up evenly and fast but prevent overheating, which in turn helps avoid warping and other accidents. The life of the friction pad of this line of brake pads is the longest among all lines from the manufacturer.

Not only is the service life of the brake pad impressive, but the protective transfer layer on it also elongates the service life of the rotors by creating a chemical protective transfer layer between them. While in contact, the layer prevents any damage to the rotors. Additionally, OE-style chamfers meet the rotors at an optimal angle.

The angle the chamfers meet the rotors at also helps in noise dampening. Any noise resulting from contact is minimized by this feature. To further improve noise cancellation, the brake pads also come with pre-attached rubber core shims that absorb vibration and noise.

These brake pads are produced in North America and can fit domestic, European, and Asian vehicles. All features and parts of the brake pads align with the original equipment features, which means direct fitment is guaranteed. The kit comes with all hardware needed for installation. Altogether it is a great choice!

Highlighted Features

  • Protective transfer layer
  • Copper-free, advanced ceramic friction formula
  • Original equipment specifications
  • Pre-attached rubber core shims
  • Ready to install, includes lubricant and hardware for installation

2. Bosch BC914 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

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For those looking for extraordinary performance at a reasonable price, this manufacturer is one of the best choices. Moreover, this particular line of brake pads is dedicated to eliminating noises while braking. More advantages include exceptional braking strength, durability, and original-equipment style fit, and so on.

The brake pads are copper-free. It also comprises an aluminum-based alloy, which is used in aerospace engineering as well. Hence, the brake pads are extremely durable. Despite not having any copper, the pads offer impressive heat conductivity and control. Additionally, the pads give off excess heat, preventing overheating.

Pre-attached rubber core shims are one of the main features of these brake pads. The shims absorb any noise-causing vibration hence making your braking experience noiseless. Chamfers are also featured in these brake pads, which allow the pads to interact with the rotors at an angle that causes the least noise.

These brake pads also improve the longevity of your rotors. How so? The pads feature a chemical layer, some of which transfers onto the rotors. This creates a protective transfer layer, which then prevents any damage to the rotors resulting from contact with the brake pads.

Not unlike all brake pads from the same manufacturer, all features of the brake pads are made in line with the original equipment. No modification is required, and the parts guarantee direct fitment right out of the box. To make the brake job easier, the kit comes with all hardware needed for installation!

Highlighted Features

  • Copper-free advanced ceramic friction formula
  • Aluminum-based alloy for longevity
  • Protective transfer layer
  • Original equipment fit
  • Pre-attached rubber core shim

3. Bosch BC1086 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

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Yet another product from this line of brake pads makes it to our list – and for a good reason. Noise cancellation has never been as effective as it is with these brake pads. They promise the fit, function, and quality of original equipment along with with noise dampening, dust-free operation, and effective heat control along with long service life.

The formula of these brake pads contains ceramic. Ceramic brake pads are quieter and can perform consistently over a large range of temperatures with little brake fade.

This type of brake pads also has little damage to the rotors while having a long service life themselves. Longevity is improved by the usage of an aluminum-based alloy which is also used in aerospace engineering,

Rubber-core multi-layer shims absorb noise-causing vibration and make braking smooth and noiseless. Even though ceramic pads have a heavier price tag attached to them in comparison to semi-metallic ones, they do not compromise on performance in their entire service life. They also have consistent friction performance all throughout.

The brake pads have a chemical formulation on them, which creates a protective transfer layer. It transfers onto the rotors and helps extend the life of the pads as well as the rotors. It reduces the overall impact the brake pads have on the braking system.

These brake pads cover domestic, European, and Asian vehicles and are engineered in North America. The copper-free brake pads come in a kit with all hardware needed to get the brake job done as well as a lubricant for smooth operation. These brake pads are a bang for the buck!

Highlighted Features

  • Original equipment specifications
  • Rubber-core multi-layer shims
  • Slotted design
  • Protective transfer layer
  • Advanced ceramic friction formula

4. Wagner QuickStop ZX914 Semi-Metallic Disc Pad Set Includes Pad

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The next product on our list aims to improve the ‘NVH’ – noise, vibration, and harshness – of braking. This particular product fits CRV 2002-2004 and 2012-2016 perfectly, and all features are engineered to adhere to original equipment specifications. Hence, you can be certain about the direct fitment of the parts as well as the reduction of noise-causing vibration.

This product uses an asbestos-free semi-metallic friction formula, which makes the pad very durable. Semi-metallic brake pads are becoming increasingly popular day by day due to its durability, versatility, lightweight build, and effective heat conductivity. They also produce very little noise and cost less than ceramic pads while offering similar performance.  

100% original equipment style post-cured, the brake pads provide even friction performance throughout its life. This means performance remains consistent all throughout. All shims, chamfers, slots, and sensors match the specifications of the original equipment. Shims and chamfers work together to reduce further noises made by braking.

The major bonus of this brake pad is that it contains mechanical wear sensors. These are small metal plates that are meant to contact the rotors and make a squealing sound when the pads have worn down. This gives the driver the indicator when it is time to change out the pads.

As the name suggests, these brake pads have optimal stopping power. They can endure the most sudden and harshest of brakes. The braking capability of these pads will make you feel like your car is fresh out of the factory! Not only does the fit match the original equipment, but the performance also meets that of the original parts.

Highlighted Features:

  • Semi-metallic asbestos-free friction formula
  • Application-specific shims and chamfers for noise reduction
  • 100% original equipment post-curing process
  • Original equipment style lubricant included
  • Mechanical wear sensor

5. Fit 2002-2004 Honda CR-V PowerSport Full Kit Brake Rotors + Ceramic Brake Pads

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Our last recommendation is a powerhouse product. It is a set of 8 ceramic brake pads and four rotors – covering both the left and right rear and front. All features and parts are made accurate to original equipment specifications, which means the kit comes ready to install. Absolutely no modification is required due to the direct fitment of all parts. 

The rotors are zinc plated silver, which creates resistance against rust or corrosion. The functionality of the rotors is increased by the slots and cross-drilling. The drilled holes also allow the rotors to remain cool by dissipating excess heat. Additionally, preventing overheating also prevents warping or brake fades.

Slotted design not only adds a sporty look to your car, but it also allows the braking performance to be just as good in any weather conditions. Moreover, it provides more brake bite, which means the stopping power will be higher. And of course, the rotors are engineered to original equipment standards as far as fit, function, and quality go.

The brake pads also have impressive features. Made of ceramic, it performs exceedingly well in a wide range of temperatures as the friction remains constant all throughout. Ceramic pads also have higher resistance against wear and tear. The pads are scorched for easy bed-in.

They are 100% shimmed, meaning the pads are great at noise reduction. Shimmed pads also absorb vibrations, so braking will no longer produce squealing noises or feel jittery. Positive molded, the pads remain reliable in several different conditions. This is truly a powerful product and one of the best possible picks.

Highlighted Features

  • Complete set of rear + front left and right pads and rotors
  • Rust inhibitive
  • Slotted, cross drilled rotors
  • Ceramic, shimmed brake pads
  • Original equipment specification

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Brake pads for honda crv

Q. What are ‘brake fades’?

Ans: Brake fades occur when the pads have absorbed too much heat to function properly. Pads designed with advanced formulas, slots, vents, and drills have a superior ability to handle the heat.

Q. Which is better – drilled or slotted rotors?

Both styles enrich the performance of your braking system; however, each of them is useful for different types of drivers. Slots are preferred by heavy-duty drivers for the most part. Slotted rotors are high performing due to their design.

However, drilled holes also have some of the same advantages as slotted ones, but they may not be as heavy-duty. Under severe pressure, they may crack or become damaged in other ways. It all comes down to your personal preference and driving habits.

Q. Do my brake pads cause vibrations on the pedal?

If you are experiencing vibrations every time you step down on the brake pedal, it is probably your rotor that is damaged or warped. In most cases, brake pads don’t cause this problem. However, it is worth getting both these parts checked for damage regularly.


In a sea of products, it is not simple to find the best of the best. Quality, performance, price, and several irresistible features- this list of the best brake pads for Honda CRV sure ticks all our boxes – and we hope it does for you too!

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