Brake Pads for Lexus Review

If you’ve bought a set of wheels from Lexus, it’s pretty obvious you’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars from your pocket. With such an expensive purchase, it’s normal to want to maintain it to the best of conditions.

However, components from the OEM tend to be pretty expensive and aren’t always up to the mark. When replacing your brake pads, you don’t want to buy one from just any company.

A brake pad can last you another 50,000kms. It’s a long-term commitment, so you want to make sure to get it right. That being said, if you’re having trouble buying brake pads for Lexus, then you’re in the right place. 

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Brake Pads for Lexus Reviews

Your braking system is a crucial element in your car that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Moreover, when you’re buying a brake pad set for such an expensive car, you’ll want to put in the research. This is where we come in, to help you choose only the best for your car.

1. Bosch BC1293 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Front Disk Brake Pad Set

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German engineering comes at the pinnacle of both performance and quality; their products are trusted worldwide. With Bosch being one of the biggest names in the world market, you know you’re taking the right step when choosing Quietcast, Bosch’s top of the line braking system.

The main pads are made using a combination of different premium quality semi-metallic materials, mainly being advanced aerospace alloy. The same material is used in aerospace engineering, so we don’t have to emphasize on quality. 

Being compliant with the 2025 copper-free legislation, the pads are made using 100% copper-free compounds. The legislation comes to be in an attempt to protect the environment by keeping copper dust from getting into lakes and streams.

In particular, this model of the QuietCast series is mainly meant for high-performance Sedans, more specifically the ES series. The BC1293s go perfectly with the ES300h 2013-17 and ES350 2007-17. Being based on OEM models, the pads are an easy fit on the car without any hassle or modification.

You’ll also get a longer life out of these, since the pads feature a protective layer between them and the rotors, making them more resistant to wearing off. However, considering they’re made specifically for the performance models of Lexus, they’re priced a bit higher.

Highlighted Features

  • Shimmed, using a rubber core
  • Comply with 2025 copper laws
  • Grooved Pads for better gripping 
  • Use Advanced aerospace alloy
  • Comes with a complete setup kit

2. Bosch BC906 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad Set

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If you’re using an older model of Lexus’s ES series, then finding spare parts for them might become very difficult. However, you’re in luck, depending on when you go through this article, as Bosch still makes brake pads for the 2002-03 ES300 and 2004-06 ES330.

Being this old, your car might be a bit noisy. However, none of that will be coming from the brakes. With an OE-style rubber core shimming, the rubber doesn’t only separate the pads from the rotors; they also absorb most of the sound produced during braking.

Moreover, the core padding of rubber makes for less heat being transferred through the rotors. Making the pad stronger and more resistant from easily wearing off, the rubber further protects the pads from any sort of corrosion by not letting water get the best of it.

The package from Bosch comes with all things necessary for a successful fitting of the product; they must provide this. Given the age of the car is a huge factor, spare clips that used to fit the pad on may now be difficult to come by in the market.

And even if we don’t consider the age of the car, the company is still using the same high-grade aluminum alloy, that it uses in other Quietcast disk brakes. Meaning even if your car doesn’t make the next five years, the brake pads will make it much longer.

Highlighted Features

  • Great for ES300 and ES330
  • Semi-metallic making 
  • Rubber core shimming 
  • Provides great longevity
  • Comes with a synthetic lubricant

3. Bosch BC1212 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Rear Disc Brake Pad Set

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While breaking most pressure goes on to the front brakes, data shows that almost 70% of braking is handled by the front brakes, while only 30% by the rear. Meaning you don’t need to spend those extra dollars on larger brake pads for your rear wheels; smaller cheaper ones will adequately help get the job done.

Keeping that in mind, you’ll be able to use these rear brake pads for the Sedan line from Lexus, so the ES300h 2013-17, the ES350 2007-17, and the HS250h 2010-12 should be able to use these pads without a hitch.

Even though your rear brakes have a smaller contribution, there’s no reason to fall short on quality. The BC1212 might be small, but they make sure to get the job done, boasting that same semi-metallic build with the added aerospace alloy and giving you performance that isn’t matched by most other products in the market.

Being from the QuietCast family, these are one of the quietest brakes you’ll ever put your hands on. Possible due to the rubber core shimming, taking the brunt of the force while also absorbing almost the entirety of the sound that is produced. Moreover, giving you a much stronger and longer-lasting rear braking system.

Being OEM certified, you can be sure these pads will provide your rear brakes with the perfect fitting. Removing chances of wobbly brakes, which might be fatally damaging to your brakes in the long run. You’ll also get the entire set up guide with the kit, removing the need for hiring a professional.

Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum Aerospace alloy 
  • Added protective layer between pad and calipers
  • Rubber core 
  • 100% copper-free
  • OE certified to fit rear calipers

4. Bosch BC1324 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Front Disk Brake Pad Set

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The larger size of the pads will give you an obvious idea that these pads aren’t meant for any regular sedan. These braking pads are mainly meant to cater to the larger and more powerful SUVs from Lexus, such as the Nx200t 2015-17, NX300h 2010-17, RX350 2010-17, and lastly, RX450h 2010-17.

With a greater surface area, the pads give you a greater level of friction, that just can’t be produced by other regular pads. However, the pads seem to utilize the same great patented roots, by using the aluminum Aerospace alloy in their semi-metallic form factor.

The greater weight and the high horsepower of the car may discourage most brake pad manufacturers. However, it’s a piece of cake for Bosch. Given their slotting and chamfering, which gives the pads a better grip and higher friction with the rotors.

Additionally, the protective layer makes the pads highly resistant to high temperatures, making them last much longer. There are many other ways that the pads resist wearing off, the most important one being the type of materials being used.

These materials produce the least amount of dust while being environmentally friendly. The company makes sure not to use any copper, thus restraining its dust from entering the environment. The large size, use of premium materials and high maintenance of regulations shoots the price a bit higher than most other brake pads from QuietCast.

Highlighted Features

  • Core rubber shimming 
  • The complete and easy setup package 
  • Soundless operation 
  • Premium quality materials
  • Large surface area, with slotting and chamfering
  • Protective layer between rotors and pads

5. Bosch BC 10005 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Front Disk Brake Pad Set

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Most find it necessary to go to a professional to have their brake pads changed, which involves getting out of your busy schedule, getting in a huge cue and having to pay a large fee. Why do all this, when Bosch makes life easy, by making the process simple and giving you a complete DIY set up solution.

Apart from being extremely easy to apply, these brake pads are also OEM certified, meaning they’ll fit perfectly into the calipers without requiring any modifications. A necessary feature considering these pads are made for older models, such as the RX330 2004-06, the RX350 2007-09 and RX400h 2006-08.

Regardless of age, the brake pads are made to the high-standard quality of German manufacturing, by using premium material and a state-of-the-art patented aerospace alloy system. These materials do an excellent job, not only do they improve the vehicles braking life, they’re also completely safe for the environment.

Included within the two steel pads is a rubber core shimming, an innovative addition designed to reduce the level of sound generated at the utility of the brakes. Moreover, these rubbers are designed to provide extra strength to the padding to help make them last longer.

Even though the pads are made for fairly aged cars, the pads are designed with slots and chamfers to allow for a better grip and better heat distribution. Moreover, the base of the pad is added with a protective material to improve the longevity of the product, while still keeping it at a cheap price.

Highlighted Features

  • Semi-metallic ceramic brake pads
  • Completely environment-friendly and copper-free
  • OEM build-up for the best fit 
  • Rubber core shimming

Frequently Asked Questions

brake pads for lexus

1. Why are shims important?

Shimming is the addition of a metal plate, attached to separate the pad and the caliper, however, it additionally provides noise reduction and resistance to corrosion.

2. How does surface area affect brake pad?

Brake pads work by gripping onto the rotors, considering this the bigger the pad the greater coverage of the rotors, allowing for better braking.

3. Can front brake pads and rear brake pads be interchanged?

We wouldn’t recommend replacing your rear brake pads with the front one, however it is possible and would work. However, do not replace the front pads with the rear ones as they’re smaller and wouldn’t greatly increase stopping time.

4. Why do brake pads get hot?

As you brake, you generate quite a lot of friction, which is necessary to stop the rotors from turning. This friction generates energy in the form of heat, heating both the pad and the rotors.

5. Why is it important for third parties to follow OEM standards?

The people that best know the internals of your car are the manufacturers themselves, they know the exact size and fit that is required for your brake pads to function properly. Thus, brake pad manufacturers have to keep to their standards to ensure a perfect fit.


As cars get faster and more powerful, we have to keep finding ways to make them stop quicker as well. Making it very important for you to find the perfect match of brake pads for Lexus.

Your brakes are a crucial element for your car and your wellbeing, so make sure to put in the research and the money to buy what’s best for your safety.

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