Brembo Vs. StopTech Vs. Wilwood?

Brembo, StopTech, and Wilwood are all manufacturers of high-performance brake systems. Brembo is an Italian company known for its expertise in designing and producing brake systems for high-performance vehicles.

StopTech is an American company specializing in designing and producing high-performance brake systems for street and track applications.

Wilwood is also an American company specializing in designing and producing high-performance brake systems for various vehicles, including street cars and race cars.

An upgrade of your brake system with a performance brake kit is a good idea if you have a performance car. Choosing a suitable brake kit for your car may be challenging. After all, there are so many options to choose from.

High-quality brake kits are available from Wilwood, StopTech, and Brembo. Neither brand will let you down. 

What brand suits your needs best? Here is a comparison guide to help you choose between Wilwood, StopTech, and Brembo brake kits.

Brembo Vs. StopTech Vs. Wilwood?

Brembo Vs. StopTech Vs. Wilwood

You can’t afford to skimp on quality when it comes to your vehicle’s brakes. Checking your brakes often and replacing them when needed is one of the most important things you can do for your car. 

Consider upgrading your brake system to one from a leading manufacturer when it’s time for a replacement. Many brands, such as Brembo and StopTech, have proven themselves in the braking industry over the years.

The Benefits Of Brembo Brake Kits

The Benefits Of Brembo Brake Kits

There’s only one type of brake pad and rotor found behind the wheels of race cars: Brembo brake pads and rotors. There is only one Brembo, no matter how many imitate it. 

All the components you need for your street machine are included with Brembo brake kits, including slotted or drilled brake rotors, Brembo calipers, brake lines, and brake pads.

Throughout its 45-year history, Brembo knows a thing or two about the importance of effective braking systems. 

The expertise of Brembo in braking technology and performance is sought after by a long list of elite motorists. Whether you need a new brake system or new rotors or pads, Brembo has just what you need.

The Benefits of StopTech Brake Kits

The Benefits of StopTech Brake Kits

In addition to StopTech, another leading name in the industry, this company produces high-quality brakes. StopTech’s constant goal is to introduce the next greatest braking product and stay at the forefront of braking technology. 

High-quality brakes are StopTech’s specialty, and they’ve won awards and praise worldwide. If you need to replace your entire braking system, check out the StopTech Slotted Big Brake Kit. 

You get everything you need for a safe stop with the StopTech Slotted Big Brake Kit, which includes brake pads, brake lines, brake rotors, and calipers. Check out the StopTech brake line kits if you only need to replace your brake plumbing.

The Benefits Of Wilwood

The Benefits Of Wilwood

One of the most established brands in the aftermarket performance braking industry is Wilwood. Since 1977, the USA-based company has been in business. With the industry’s rapid evolution over the last four decades, Wilwood has evolved as well.

As a company that makes quality brake parts that are also affordable, Wilwood stands out for its high-performance, cost-effective brake systems. Among the brake components that Wilwood manufactures are:

  • Brake pads
  • Brake calipers
  • Brake rotors
  • Wilwood also offers big brake kits.

Which Brake Kits Are Designed For Your Make And Model?

How can you determine which brand of vehicle is right for you? Check out their websites to determine whether your vehicle is compatible with big brake kits from both brands. 

The performance and quality of StopTech are often superior to Wilwood, which is why the additional cost is often justified. You can find some great Wilwood options at a lower cost than StopTech, without sacrificing quality or performance.

It is especially important if you want to improve your street performance quite a bit while only doing a few track days per year.

How Much Does Brembo Brake Kit Cost?

Brembo brake kits are definitely an investment, so it’s essential to keep that in mind. The price of a complete kit is approximately $1,440. However, the investment will be worthwhile if you only want luxury and nothing else for your car.

With 70 years of experience, Brembo is a trusted brand. As the world’s leading brake kit manufacturer and manufacturer of luxury and peace of mind products, they are ready to equip your car and get it on the road quickly. 

How Much Does StopTech Brake Kit Cost?

Unlike other brake kits on the market, StopTech kits are more affordable. Instead of paying $1,440 for a StopTech brake kit, you’ll pay closer to $400. Although they don’t have as much experience on the market, they can make brakes affordable for everyone.

Our discussion of Brembo and StopTech brake kits has covered the items they include. We’ve finally reached the end of the discussion. Which brake kit is better? Now let’s talk about the answer.

Which Brake Kits Fall Within Your Budget?

After eliminating the brake kits that are out of your budget, you should move on to the smaller ones. By sorting by price, you can find the best options. It will be sorted alphabetically by price, with the cheapest ones appearing first.

Start with the first brake kit on the list that is within your budget, and then work your way down the list from there. Don’t consider anything beyond that point in the list of brake kits. 

There is usually a price difference between Wilwood brake kits and Brembo brake kits. You may still be able to find a Brembo brake kit that fits within your budget.

Which Brake Kits Suit Your Needs The Most?

Now that you know which big brake kit will fit your vehicle, it’s time to choose one. There is nothing wrong with Brembo or Wilwood. Aftermarket performance brake pads from StopTech are among the best but are also expensive.

Choosing the big brake kit that offers the benefits you’re looking for is the only thing you need to do. Take a look at the benefits each of the big brake kits on your list has to offer.

StopTech or Wilwood?

Wilwood vs. StopTech is a close fight, but when it all comes down to it, we recommend StopTech. Your vehicle will perform better when you install brake kits from either brand.

Our recommendation, however, would be to choose StopTech because their brakes perform better and last longer than Wilwood’s.

Depending on your budget, Wilwood offers some great options that are less expensive than StopTech without sacrificing performance or quality.

The added cost of StopTech may be worth it if you plan on driving on track days rather than on the street.

Final Words

High-quality materials are used in the manufacture of brake pads by major automakers. Performance driving does not mean that OE is a better option.

It is not intended for performance driving, but for daily driving, that automakers design their OE brake pads. High-speed braking requires the right friction material, which is not available in OE brake pads.

High-quality aftermarket brake pads designed specifically for performance braking should always be used if you have a performance car. The brakes on your car need to be strong without fading every time. 

However, some brands of aftermarket brake pads are better than others. If you need performance brake pads, you should use aftermarket ones.

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