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Controlling a minivan such as a Honda Odyssey is not a piece of cake. Especially if your braking system is not at its best. With such a lengthy vehicle & load capacity, controlling a Honda Odyssey on a busy road can become frantic. That’s where good rotors make the difference on the road. 

Best brake rotors for Honda Odyssey not only give your vehicle the boost it needs on the road but also give you confidence on the road. They can enhance your braking system quietly & smoothly on the road. Not to mention the most important factor, the safety of your loved ones.

Best Brake Rotors for Honda Odyssey in the Market

We have put together some of the top-notch brake rotors for the Honda Odyssey in the market that will not only ensure your safety but also make your day-to-day ride delightful. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Best Brake Rotors for Honda Odyssey

1. Bosch 26011454 QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Rotor

If you are looking for premium disc brake rotors for your 2011-2015 Honda Odyssey, then Bosch has come to the rescue with their 26011454 QuietCast. The brand name Bosch ensures that quality materials for the build of the brake rotor. When the rotors become thick, you’ll know easily when to replace them.

OEM-style configurations allow the rotor to subtract heat from the interior of the wheel, away from the caliper. This means superior cooling performance & prolonged lifetime. It would give the users a smooth pedal feel & safer stops along the road due to the DTV specs & industry-low run-out.

The rotors are factory mill precision balanced to ensure a smooth quiet operation. ABS sensor rings are included with the rotors for hassle-free ABS or TCS operation. The identifications are also factory engraved for you to beware of any duplicates in the market.

Bosch ensures that the 26011454 QuietCast has total coverage of domestic, Asian & European vehicles. Aluminum Zinc coating on the body of the rotors prevents any sort of rust or corrosion which is really good for better heat dissipation. Your Honda Odyssey will show consistent performance on the road for a long time.


  • While going in reverse, it does squeal a bit.

2. Power Stop K4685 Rear Z23 Carbon Fiber Brake Pads with Drilled & Slotted Brake Rotors Kit

Just in case you need new rear brake rotors for the Honda Odyssey, then Power Stop is making you an offer you simply cannot refuse. You won’t need to sacrifice your day-to-day controllability to enjoy better braking performance with Power Stop. This carbon-fiber ceramic construction enhances your vehicle’s performance to the moon.

The brake rotor is engineered to work together with the brake pads to increase the stopping power of your vehicle & enhance the durability of the whole system. The shims are also dual-layer high-temperature rubberized to eliminate any sort of sounds while braking. This gives the drivers a smooth quiet ride.

The rotors are drilled & slotted to dissipate the heat more efficiently for maximum cooling. In order to tackle rust, the rotors are zinc-plated. Power Stop also shows less brake dust to keep your wheels clean. 3rd party tests have proven the results as they show 30% less dust versus OE.

You don’t need any modifications while installing, it’s a simple bolt-on upgrade with strict OE tolerance. The facts will show perfectly when you test them on the road with your Honda Odyssey.


  • There is a noticeable clicking noise when you drive slowly.

3. Bosch 26011446 QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Rotor

We have come across Bosch brake rotors for Honda Odyssey again. Just like its brother Bosch 26011454 QuietCast, this one also has similar characteristics. But the Bosch 26011446 is a rear brake rotor. The rotor is constructed with vehicle-specific high-carbon casting, making it one of the most consistent performers in the market.

It is precision balanced on both sides to ensure your vehicle has a smooth brake operation. Noise-dampening characteristics make it more desirable for a quiet ride. G3000 heat-flowed castings give your rotor consistent wear for prolonged performance.

Users would have a smooth feel & quiet operation due to the DTV specs. The identification of the part is factory engraved to prevent duplicates. OEM-style configurations reduce any sort of vibrations & extend rotor life.

Bimetal Aluminum and zinc clean-look coating not only provides operation on the anti-lock brake but also presents rust & corrosion. ABS sensor rings are included with the rotor for hassle-free ABS operation. It’s perfect for your 2011-2015 Honda Odyssey.


  • You may find initial noises, but they will die down once the rotors fit in.

4. Detroit Axle – All (4) Front and Rear Disc Brake Kit

If you are looking for a full set for both the front & rear wheels of your Honda Odyssey, Detroit Axle gives the whole package. They provide 100% authentic ceramic brakes with all the necessary hardware needed to install them. They manufacture these brake kits to exceed the original equipment standards.

Detroit Axle ensures your vehicle has complete control of your brakes via the incredible stopping power. These rotors provide 30% better stopping power than regular brake rotors. The rotors are not just efficient for a smooth ride, they also have a quick reaction to any unexpected situations.

The full package comes with 2 rear rotors & pads, and 2 front rotors & pads. They also have cleaner spray 7 a fluid bottle with these as accessories. They are also precoated with anti-corrosion lubricant. The manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty on the whole package for customer convenience. They are great fitments for the 2011-2014 Honda Odyssey.


  • They do get brake dust on the wheels.
  • May require anti-noise spraying after a few months.

5. Autospecialty (KOE5857) Daily Driver OE Brake Kit

This brake kit is designed & engineered by Power Stop. The components are masterminded to match the OE performance of the brakes of your vehicle. Power Stop has manufactured these rotors with their latest Tru-Cast technology. This results in a precision cast & precision machined rotors.

Z17 evolution clean ride ceramic formula keeps the dust away from your wheels. So you can say goodbye to cleaning your wheels after every ride you take. Power Stop has also tested the brakes for a noise-free experience. Drivers can enjoy a quiet ride every damn time.

These rotors use G3000 heat flowed castings giving it consistent wear for better & prolonged performance on the road. Factory mill precision gives a complete balance on both sides to ensure safety. If you are in search of a fast & affordable solution for a better braking system, then the Autospecialty (KOE5857) Daily Driver OE Brake Kit is the perfect choice for your Honda Odyssey.


  • They do make some squeaking noise when you creep slowly.
  • Some have complained about rust in the cooling vent area after some time of use.


Best Brake Rotors for Honda Odyssey Review

Q: How long do brake rotors last on a Honda Odyssey?

Ans: Honda Odyssey brake rotors with appropriate brake pads would last for about 30 to 60 thousand miles. But this value depends on how frequently you are using your brakes. If you are in the city encountering heavy heavy traffic daily, then the brakes are going to be used a lot. So the wear would be more in these circumstances.

Q: How can you tell that your Honda Odyssey rotors need replacing?

Ans: If your brake pads are in good condition, then you may encounter squeaking, screeching or grinding while you apply the brakes. The pedals would also feel some vibration or pulsation. Burning odor due to the metal contacting the surface is also a clear sign that your rotors have come to their time.

Q: Is it okay to use new brake rotors with old brake pads?

Ans: In a short answer, yes. But always use good-conditioned brake pads with good rotors. Brake pads & brake rotors work together in the braking system. So if you use a degraded brake pad with a new rotor, the new rotor will start to wear down faster. The same goes if you use a bad rotor with a new brake pad.

Q: Do you change brake rotors in pairs or in four sets?

Ans: The rear brake pads have much faster wear than the front ones because of the mechanics of the rear rotors. So, if you have a new vehicle, you will most probably have to replace the rear ones first. That’s why it’s better to replace them in pairs such as front & rear pairs, as both the left & right will encounter the same wear.


With the massive cargo space & room for eight people to sit, the Honda Odyssey braking system needs to be in top shape as unexpected situations can occur at any moment. Making a decision on the best brake rotors for the Honda Odyssey can become a brain freeze, but luckily, we have you covered.

If you are looking to replace the front brake rotors, then the Bosch 26011454 QuietCast would be a premium choice because of the safe, quiet, dust-free experience on the road. But if you are looking for incredible stopping power at the rear end then the Power Stop K4685 would be the one to go for.

Consistent performance, quiet braking & dust-free wheels are the key factors you should be looking for in a brake rotor for the Honda Odyssey. Make your day-to-day driving experience with the family more enjoyable & safer with the right brake rotors for your braking system.

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