What is the Difference Between Duralast and Duralast Gold?

The major difference between them is the structure and the functionality. The Duralast Gold has the same quality as the Duralast but with more new qualities and a corrected version. 


The Duralast is manufactured by Autozone. They have released rotors, pads, and calipers. They are known as the best brakes in the brake industry. They are also famous for their variety of series of pads and rotors. 

The best Duralast

The users have claimed they liked the Gold series more. They are advanced and have more quality to achieve the goal. But an everyday car user, choose the basic Duralast set. 

The Duralast and the Duralast gold 

What is the Difference Between Duralast and Duralast Gold

It has a variety of models under it, and we will look at two of them in this article since they seem very similar to each other yet different too. They are the Duralast Gold and the Duralast

Battery section 

The Duralast battery has a 2-year warranty. They do ample powering and cold cranking AMPS for most situations. The Duralast batteries are built for vibration resistance, longer life, and more power. They are wonderful even in extreme weather conditions. 

On the other hand, the Duralast Gold batteries are heavier than the Duralast battery and they have a 3-year warranty. They are well equipped with more lead plates for greater vibration resistance and more power. However, these batteries are ideal for heavy vehicles with high power demands like heated seat systems. 


All the Duralast batteries are made from recycled material. They are both replaceable warrantied. The Duralast batteries are only sold from the manufacturer’s official website and select dealers. 

Duralast gold vs platinum 

The Platinum series also has a 3-year full replacement warranty but with flat-plate Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology. The Duralast Platinum batteries are sealed and spill-proof, extremely vibration resistant, and can mount in almost any position. 

They are superior to the Duralast Gold battery because they can carry two times the deep cycle capacity. But for the Duralast Gold, you will find that the design of the battery is of the standard lead-acid outlook, while the Duralast Platinum uses an AGM design.

Pads section 

The Duralast Brake Pads are similar to OE in normal driving conditions but the Gold Brake Pads are better than OE. They also have a 3-layer noise-blocking shim for great noise resistance.

The Duralast Gold Ceramic and Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

The Duralast created its GOLD line to offer a direct fit to OE ceramic and semi-metallic brake pads installed on passenger cars, SUVs, and trucks.

The Duralast Ceramic and Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

This line is targeted at car owners looking for a reasonably priced alternative to the Duralast Gold ceramic and semi-metallic brake pads. They offer performance close to OE pads. 


While the concept of the Duralast GOLD line is good, it is not without its drawbacks. It is a common criticism among users that these pads squeak during break-ins. Moreover, some full-size SUVs and truck owners claim that these pads actually perform somewhat worse than the Duralast pads.

Rotors section 

The Duralast rotors are standard and a direct replacement to an original vehicle. The rotors have hat and edge coating so that they can prevent corrosion and runout. Then again, the Duralast Gold brake rotors are far more advanced and superior to the Duralast rotors. 

The Duralast Gold brake rotors have an innovative Z-Clad™ coating. This means they provide better rust and corrosion protection. The coating protects all non-braking surfaces to help them last longer. Their high carbon steel stays cooler for long rotor life and helps provide quieter stops.

The calipers

The Duralast has only one set of calipers. They did not release any Duralast Gold series of calipers. The bracketed calipers have broad coverage and they also have coated calipers. The manufacturer claimed they met 100% OE or showed better performance. 


How long can I expect my Duralast car battery to last?

Answer: This depends on several factors. Like, frequent uses, charging methods, the maintenance levels you use, and the temperatures your battery is in, both when the car is off and on. However, there are also some problems relating to batteries. The problems are probably due to parasitic voltage or bad charging issues, which may result in faster draining rates.

If I own an RV, what battery type should I go for?

Answer: This depends on the power consumption that you are using, the space in your engine, and the battery you can afford. Try to avoid using regular batteries like Duralast Gold because of their short operation life and safety concerns. Since you will need to deep discharge the battery at times. 

What are coated brake rotors?

Answer: A specially formulated polymer coating is applied to the entire rotor. That offers total protection for optimal performance and longer life. Special polymer coating also keeps rust from forming along the outer edges of the pad swept area to prevent edge-lift.

Are Duralast Gold brake pads ceramic?

Answer: Duralast Gold brake pads are the first series that has a ceramic version. Duralast Gold Ceramic brake pads for a quieter ride and ultra-low brake dust

What are coated brake rotors

Bottom line 

The company Duralast is not the oldest but it still holds a good reputation among many users. Their first was Duralast then launched other series like Duralast Gold, Duralast Platinum, Duralast Severe Duty, etc. Their manufacturers are the same but all the series are totally different and more durable than to others. 

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